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Data: Walking Dead is TV’s ‘most in-demand’ show

In the fourth quarter of 2015, the AMC series, which is firmly established as the US’s highest-rating programme, had the highest ‘Global Average Demand Rating’, a metric developed by data science and technology specialists Parrot Analytics.

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‘Game Of Thrones’ trumps demand for Netflix originals

Demand for HBO fantasy drama Game Of Thrones exceeded that for any original Netflix original series last December in three-quarters of 53 sample countries, according to research firm Parrot Analytics.

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Delivering Unparalleled Value to Customers

When it comes to Big Data in the TV and Film industry, Parrot Analytics is one name your most likely not to miss. Backed by a team of data scientists, engineers and visualization experts, that is at par with the best across the globe, customers have gained the advantage of being very granular in the scope of search they are interested in when they opt for Parrot Analytics.

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One metric to rule them all for the TV industry

How’s this for a business model: attract the top talent in a tough industry, and solve their most pressing problem. The problem they’re solving is measuring the demand for TV content across the current highly fragmented landscape.

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