Top 10 Most In-Demand Shows in the US (22 – 28 May 2016)

Top 10 Digital Originals:

The second season of Bloodline was released on May 27 and attracted enough demand in two days to have the highest average demand of any digital original series.

Hulu’s most popular digital originals, The Path and 11.22.63, remain steady with nearly identical amounts of demand.

Demand for many Netflix titles, including House of Cards, Grace and Frankie, and the Marvel shows, has decreased since last week, but demand for Sense8 has risen.

Top 10 Overall:

Game of Thrones increases in demand to remain the most popular title in the US, followed by The Flash, which also increased in demand after its season finale this week.

The new AMC show, Preacher, premiered on May 22 with enough demand to land within the top ten, ahead of veteran shows like Pretty Little Liars and Gotham.

High demand for the finales of Dancing with the Stars and The Voice this week increased their ranking, though we expect their demand to decrease rapidly since their seasons are now over.

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