Top 10 Most In-Demand Shows in the US (26 June – 2 July 2016)

Top 10 Digital Originals:

Demand for Orange is the New Black decreased slightly, but still has four times the demand of any other digital original series.

Two digital series released their second seasons this week: Marco Polo and Between. While demand for Marco Polo is second only to Orange is the New Black, demand for Between is below that of popular titles Voltron and Fuller House.

Aside from the two new releases, the other eight titles have the same ranking as they did last week, indicating that demand for these titles is steady.

Top 10 Overall:

Following an explosive finale, Game of Thrones has the highest demand of its entire season with over 80 million average Demand Expressions.

The two titles with series finales last week (Penny Dreadful and Person of Interest) have fallen out of the top ten overall titles, replaced by summer reality show America’s Got Talent and Once Upon a Time.

As with the digital originals, the ranking of titles that have been in the top ten for several weeks has not changed significantly, with the exception of Silicon Valley rising in demand after its season finale on Sunday.


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