Top 10 Most In-Demand Shows in the US (August 21 – 27, 2016)

Demand for The Get Down decreased by 40% this week while demand for the hit show, Stranger Things, actually increased by about 0.5%, indicating that The Get Down will most likely never be as popular as Stranger Things.

Two old favorites enter the top ten digital originals this week: Narcos and Sense8. Narcos surged in demand in anticipation of its second season, airing on September 2nd. We expect that it will overtake Fuller House and maybe even Orange is the New Black next week after the season is released. Demand for Sense8 increased for a less positive reason as rumors this week suggest that the show will be cancelled after the troubled second season airs. The fact that Sense8 can rank among the top digital originals despite not airing new episodes since 2015 indicates that this show is still quite popular and will rank even higher when a new season is released.

Game of Thrones still remains the most in-demand series, but the gap between it and Stranger Things has decreased. Mr. Robot also increased in demand while last week’s fourth-ranked title, Preacher, fell out of the top ten entirely.

The top ten overall shows also saw some newcomers. The Night Of, Ray Donovan, and The Last Ship all rose in demand as their seasons are reaching their end, while Fear the Walking Dead‘s demand rose due to its midseason premiere on August 21st.

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