Top 10 Most In-Demand Shows in the US (January 1–7, 2017)

Released on December 16th, The OA has emerged as Netflix’s latest hit. This mystery series had 36% more demand than Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle last week, and both titles ranked among the ten most popular series overall. Another science fiction series, new to Netflix, also attracted a lot of demand this week: Travelers (which originally aired on Showcase in Canada) had more than 50% more popularity than older hits such as Luke Cage, Fuller House, and The Crown.

Netflix’s other popular science fiction hit of 2016, Stranger Things, had 34% less demand than the newer The OA, but still ranked third out of all digital original series. It was ahead of Amazon’s other series in the top ten, The Grand Tour. Though The Grand Tour is airing episodes weekly, it had 23% less demand than The Man in the High Castle, which was released in its entirety on December 16th. The remaining top digital original series, such as Orange is the New Black, have steady week-on-week demand which enables them to appear in the top ten months after their latest seasons.

Though demand for The Walking Dead and Westworld has fallen after their season finales, these titles remained the top two titles overall. The premiere of Sherlock’s fourth season increased its demand significantly, but it was still 17% less than Westworld. Vikings is also currently airing its fourth season, but only had 4% more demand than Game of Thrones which has been off the air for over six months. As more shows return from their holiday hiatuses, new on-air titles may begin to appear in the top ten overall titles again.

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