Top 10 Most In-Demand Shows in the US (November 27–December 3, 2016)

The fever around the revival of Gilmore Girls, released on November the 25th, appears to be increasing in the United States. Netflix’s digital original continues to sit in the top spot in our Digital Originals list, with an increase in demand of over 8% in comparison to last week. This has allowed Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life to enter the podium of our Top 10 Overall TV Shows in the United States, at #3 (up one position from last week).

However, the spotlight this week needs to shine on Netflix’s new show, 3%. The first season of this Brazilian dystopian thriller series was released worldwide on the 25th of November and has made its way up to 8th place in our Top 10 Digital Originals, with over 4.8 M Demand Expressions™. We will keep a close eye on the performance of this brand new Netflix Original over the next weeks.

Even though Netflix is dominating the top Digital Originals this week, The Grand Tour, produced by Amazon Video, still secures 5th place, losing over 30% in demand compared to last week. Is the excitement generated by this new Amazon Video original already fading a bit? Let’s wait and see – episodes are released weekly.

Overall, while the competition between AMC’s megahit The Walking Dead, and the relatively new HBO megahit Westworld is tight, the steady demand for Game Of Thrones has finally been topped by Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life and The Flash this week. We are waiting with great anticipation to see if the season finale of Westworld airing 4th December is able to outrival the demand for The Walking Dead in the week to come!

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