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With the rapid proliferation of content distribution platforms and the unprecedented levels of consumer fragmentation, existing television measurement services are rapidly becoming obsolete.

Survey and panel-based measurement is no longer sufficient to capture the increasingly cross-platform content consumption.

For example, do you know how the relative popularity between House of Cards (a Netflix original series) and Transparent (an Amazon original series) in the United States has changed over the past year?

How about their popularity in other markets?

The only way forward

Parrot Analytics harnesses the power of cutting-edge artificial intelligence and hundreds of billions of data points to introduce the world’s first real-time, cross-platform and country-specific rating system. Now you can measure demand for content in real-time.

Now you can see global demand for content

Introducing Global Demand Measurement System

The world’s only:

  • global
  • cross-platform
  • country-specific

Audience Demand Measurement System

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