Capturing audience demand from 2B+ people globally

All Markets

DEMAND360 captures demand signals in every country on the planet.

All Languages

Our language-agnostic platform uncovers global demand for local productions.

Across Platforms

We measure total market demand across SVOD, AVOD, linear and cable.

The global audience demand analytics suite designed for the attention economy

DEMAND360 quantifies global audience demand using the world’s largest audience behavior datasets. Our patented technology extracts signal from the noise on a daily basis to provide the first global content demand measure in all markets, for all languages, and across all platforms - broadcast, pay TV and OTT.

Global and country-specific audience demand for TV shows

TV Demand unlocks unprecedented insights into global cross-platform TV series audience demand across OTT, pay TV and broadcast television in any market.

  • Access powerful insights for TV shows, DTC platforms and content genres.
  • Discover new content opportunities with untapped potential.
  • Truly understand the content landscape with bespoke share-of-market demand analysis.

Global and country-specific audience demand for movies

Movie Demand provides unrivalled insights into global cross-platform audience demand for movies across OTT, pay TV and linear networks in any market.

  • Measure demand for both theatrical and streaming releases.
  • Discover movies that have high demand for licensing acquisition.
  • Understand the roles movies play in OTT for acquisition or retention.

Global and country-specific audience demand for talent

Talent Demand aggregates audience demand for any given talent (i.e. actor, politician, personality) to identify their precise audience demand comparative to their peers, in any given market.

  • Identify and evaluate rising stars.
  • Inform casting decisions at a global scale.
  • Understand the talent that should be marketed for titles.

Audience Demographics Module

Global audience demographics for TV shows, movies and talent

The Audience Demographics add-on module gives you the confidence to make better decisions by leveraging demographic insights across TV, movie and talent products.

  • Understand the share of GenZ, Zennials, Millennials and Above40 for TV shows, movies and talent.
  • Discover how the gender and fan age differs between a specific TV show, movie or talent compared to the entire population.
  • Enhance decision making in marketing, acquisitions and programming based on your platform's specific audiences.

Audience Demographics is a DEMAND360 add-on module. It is automatically enabled for all products purchased on a DEMAND360 enterprise subscription.

TV DemandTalent DemandMovie Demand

Audience Sentiment Module

Audience sentiment for talent

The Audience Sentiment add-on module helps you understand the underlying sentiment that is driving demand for a talent.

  • Discover how much the sentiment for a person skews positive or negative to evaluate rising stars and inform marketing or casting decisions.
  • Understand who is in high demand because of fandom and who is trending due to controversy.
  • Gain deeper insights by understanding an actor’s sentiment change throughout the season or pre and post release of a show.

Audience Sentiment is a DEMAND360 add-on module. It can be purchased as an add-on to Talent Demand, available on an DEMAND360 enterprise subscription.

Talent Demand

Not yet enterprise-ready?

Get a glimpse into the future of global audience demand measurement with TV, movie and talent audience demand data and consolidated insights on global entertainment industry trends.

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