Unlock unprecedented insights into global cross-platform TV series audience demand across OTT, pay TV and broadcast television in every market

We do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on creating value

Assess and compare the audience demand for any TV show on any platform to gain valuable insights into global content trends in over 100 markets. Understand demand for all content regardless of what platform a title is airing on, whether linear, cable, SVOD, TVOD or AVOD.

Powerful insights for TV shows, DTC platforms and content genres for any market

Compare the daily audience demand for broadcast TV shows in a single market, or investigate how the demand of an entire SVOD catalog, genre or content portfolio has been changing all around the world - the choice is yours! TV demand data is available for every single day since April 2015 for all 100+ markets around the world.

Discover new content opportunities with untapped potential

Leverage the demand vs supply analysis capability of DEMAND360 to discover the relationship between audience demand and title supply - in specific markets as well as on a global scale! Start developing content that audiences want in content genres that are currently under-supplied to maximize strategic growth opportunities.

Quickly quantify the success of a platform’s original content slate

Find out how much audience demand exists for a platform’s original or licensed content slate and gain invaluable context by comparing this to other platforms’ catalog demand - you can even segment by genre. DEMAND360 intuitively shows how much more each platform’s content is in demand compared to the average TV show in a market.

Truly understand the content landscape with bespoke share-of-market demand analysis

View the market share of demand a title commands compared to competing titles and discover how genre trends change over time. Benchmark a platforms’ share of demand across markets for both original and licensed content. DEMAND360 also offers bespoke portfolio analysis, allowing you to analyze market demand based on custom title groups.

Assess title performance across six powerful dimensions

The Pulse is the industry’s most powerful title health snapshot that delivers performance insights in an instant. Comprised of demand, travelability, franchisability, momentum, longevity and reach, The Pulse provides an independent, holisitic measure of performance across all TV shows.

Save time with instant insights for any TV show

You don't need to leave DEMAND360 to do show research: See important information at-a-glance for all TV shows such as a trailers, genres, also-known-as (AKA), on-air status, the number of seasons and episodes, its daily demand rank as well as a list of shows that people are also watching.

Empower yourself and your team with custom data exports and reports

Seamlessly incorporate demand data into your workflow with the new custom data export and reports feature. Create highly personalized outputs and easily download them to share with clients or colleagues in three easy steps. Every report is saved within DEMAND360 for easy access and you can even clone the report to streamline your work next time you log in.

Audience Demographics Module

Global audience demographics for TV shows, movies and talent

The Audience Demographics add-on module gives you the confidence to make better decisions by leveraging demographic insights across TV, movie and talent products.

  • Understand the share of GenZ, Zennials, Millennials and Above40 for TV shows, movies and talent.
  • Discover how the gender and fan age differs between a specific TV show, movie or talent compared to the entire population.
  • Enhance decision making in marketing, acquisitions and programming based on your platform's specific audiences.

Audience Demographics is a DEMAND360 add-on module. It is automatically enabled for all products purchased on a DEMAND360 enterprise subscription.

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