Identify the precise audience demand for any talent relative to peers in any market to inform marketing and casting decisions on a global scale

Evaluate talent in an instant with the talent demand leaderboard

We're bringing you instant analytics in a format you're used to with the Talent Demand Leaderboard. View more than 15,000+ talent in a ranked list based on audience demand and easily change the market and time period to ge to the information you need, quickly.

Make smarter talent selections to maximize your investment

The talent time-series module allows you to track demand for selected individuals so you can determine who will make the biggest impact for your project. Filtering by market-specific audience demand, profession, gender, age, country of origin and citizenship make shortlisting talent an even easier task.

Benchmark talent in any market for invaluable insights

Understanding demand for individual talent is powerful on its own, but overlaying demand for multiple people on one chart will take your evaluation to the next level. The talent demand distribution curve allows you to instantly benchmark the popularity of talent on one chart, relative to the market average, giving you invaluable insights to power your most important decisions.

Narrow down talent decisions with a head-to-head comparison

Quickly evaluate talent with a head-to-head comparison. You can easily add any two individuals and immediately get insights about their worldwide demand, rankings over time, top markets this year and general market performance. You'll no longer need to open new tabs to compare talent - and your browser will thank you!

Discover talent on the rise with trending talent collections

Whether you're looking for trending stars, rising Gen Y actors or the top athletes in the world, the “Discover” homepage of Talent Demand surfaces the most in-demand people in any market. You can easily bookmark talent in each collection to save time for future analysis.

Not yet enterprise-ready?

Get a glimpse into the future of global audience demand measurement with TV, movie and talent audience demand data and consolidated insights on global entertainment industry trends.