Movie Demand provides unrivalled insights into global cross-platform audience demand for movies across OTT, pay TV and linear networks in any market.

Take the guesswork out of movie measurement

Quickly see which movies are resonating with audiences in each country and globally. View 18k+ movies from 100+ markets in a ranked list.

Discover trending and breakout movies

Get a glimpse into movies on the cusp of global popularity so you can stay ahead of market trends. View the top movies by streaming platforms, traditional film studios and genres like drama, documentary, action, and animation.

Quantify the success of an original film or library

Benchmark a movie against the market average and compare it to any other movie portfolio. The Demand Distribution performance buckets instantly show if a movie is performing anywhere from below average to exceptional.

Uncover movie, franchsie and portfolio trends

Compare the daily demand for movies in a single market or investigate how the demand of an entire film catalog, genre or portfolio has been changing. Movie demand data is available for every single day since 2017 for all 100+ markets around the world.

Analyze audience preferences on a global scale

See which markets have the highest demand for a movie - even in markets where the movie is not available. Uncover licensing opportunities in markets with high demand for a movie but no distribution deal.

Benchmark release performance

Get instant intel into how a title is performing in each release window compared to other movies, franchises or portfolios.

Access at-a-glance movie profiles

From key metadata like release year, production studio, distributor, country of origin and original language to demand rankings and in-genre performance. Find all the information you will ever need about a movie on its profile page.

Conduct deep research and film analysis

Filter all your analyses by multiple dimensions - platform availabilities, genres, distribution and production company, country of origin, original language, release date and more.

Truly understand the content landscape

Which movies broke through with audiences? See how each platform is performing by analysing their movie catalogs across performance buckets from below average to exceptional.

Audience Demographics Module

Global audience demographics for TV shows, movies and talent

The Audience Demographics add-on module gives you the confidence to make better decisions by leveraging demographic insights across TV, movie and talent products.

  • Understand the share of GenZ, Zennials, Millennials and Above40 for TV shows, movies and talent.
  • Discover how the gender and fan age differs between a specific TV show, movie or talent compared to the entire population.
  • Enhance decision making in marketing, acquisitions and programming based on your platform's specific audiences.

Audience Demographics is a DEMAND360 add-on module. It is automatically enabled for all products purchased on a DEMAND360 enterprise subscription.

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