Movie Demand provides unrivalled insights into global cross-platform audience demand for movies across OTT, pay TV and linear networks in any market.

Take the guesswork out of movie measurement in every market

View the top movies by genre, distribution or production company, country of origin, original language, release date, and streaming platform availability. Backed by Parrot Analytics’ demand metric, the leaderboard offers an instant view into which movies are resonating with audiences in every market.

Get ahead of audience preferences with trending movies and films on-the-rise

The discover feature offers a glimpse into movies on the cusp of global popularity so you can stay ahead of market trends. View the top movies by streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, and HBO Max, traditional film studios like Universal Pictures, as well as by genres like drama, documentary, action, and animation.

Quantify the success of an original film or library

Find out how much audience demand exists for a platform’s original or licensed slate and gain invaluable context by comparing demand against other titles or the performance of the market average. DEMAND360 intuitively places movies within performance buckets to offer an instant understanding of success.

Get powerful insights for movies and franchises

Compare the daily audience demand for movies in a single market or investigate how the demand of an entire film catalog, genre or portfolio has been changing all around the world - the choice is yours! Movie demand data is available for every single day since April 2015 for all 100+ markets around the world.

Analyze and capture audience preferences on a global scale

DEMAND360’s worldview and market performance snapshots enable you to visualize the demand of a title, genre or custom portfolio. The market performance data breaks down the differences in demand for movies based on markets, highlighting the diversity of preferences by global audiences.

Gain instant clarity on competitive performance

Gain instant clarity on competitive performance by comparing movies, franchises or portfolios from their premiere date regardless of distribution type. Time-shift analysis offers an apples-to-apples comparison of movies over time, providing instant intel into which titles performed well in each release window.

At-a-glance movie profiles with actionable global insights

Every movie in DEMAND360 has a movie profile page which offers a variety of insights from demand rankings over time to in-genre performance metrics. Key metadata like year released, production studio, distributor, country of origin and original language is also accessible, making the movie profile page an invaluable resource.

Streamline your search and film analysis with advanced filters

Filters provide a granular look at global demand data for movies based on their genre, availability and many other factors. Gene filters are applicable to any analysis that looks at multiple titles, allowing you to narrow your results faster and enabling you to carry out your movie analyses as efficiently as possible.

Optimize your release strategy

Maximize movie premiere success by selecting the right date to release a film, based on current and predicted levels of demand across streaming and theatrical releases. Leverage global movie demand data, or dive into country-specific demand trends, to quantify the seasonal trends associated with a holiday release schedule.

Leverage audience demand to understand theatricality

Movies that underperform in theaters can still overperform in other windows. Demand is a single metric to measure performance over time and can be used as the foundation for models to forecast revenue, and inform strategies for each window.

Audience Demographics Module

Global audience demographics for TV shows, movies and talent

The Audience Demographics add-on module gives you the confidence to make better decisions by leveraging demographic insights across TV, movie and talent products.

  • Understand the share of GenZ, Zennials, Millennials and Above40 for TV shows, movies and talent.
  • Discover how the gender and fan age differs between a specific TV show, movie or talent compared to the entire population.
  • Enhance decision making in marketing, acquisitions and programming based on your platform's specific audiences.

Audience Demographics is a DEMAND360 add-on module. It is automatically enabled for all products purchased on a DEMAND360 enterprise subscription.

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