Our Demand Portal is bringing real-time market analytics to:

Get real insights on your target markets

From assessing the demand for a returning TV series to understand overall demand trends by genre, theme or mood – all on a market-specific basis – Demand Portal lets you do it.

Measure the impact of show promos

You gained 2000 new Facebook likes and generated 450,000 YouTube views, but what does it all mean?

Cut through the clutter and measure the true pulse of consumer demand for content. Use the Demand Portal to track the demand for a show when and where you are promoting it.

Improve marketing and promotion campaigns

You launched three different marketing campaigns across different digital and social platforms. How effective were they?

Assess how your different marketing and promotion campaigns move the needle on content demand in specific markets in real time. Analyze and understand which campaigns are most effective on which platforms.

Deliver the best ads against TV content

Stop relying on insufficient survey and panel-based measurement to drive your advertising campaigns. Leverage the industry’s only geography, platform, and demographic-agnositc Demand Prediction System™ to assess the precise combination of content, ads and audience to achieve maximum impact.

Remove the guesswork

Over $200 billion are spent on global television content advertising. It’s time to remove the guess-work with a new paradigm of measurement.


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