Our Demand Portal is bringing real-time market analytics to:

Create comparables to predict future content success

You are being asked to invest in a new major production, one of a never-ending list of pitches you have to assess.

With the Parrot TV Demand Portal™ you can create a portfolio of comparable content, to your heart’s desire, from by matching micro-genres, to matching moods, themes and settings. You can then assess the overall portfolio demand as an index for the proposed production. Then track the index over time and compare it with other indexes in different markets.

Compare the portfolios of different companies in different markets

Use the Demand Portal’s Portfolio Manager to track how companies are performing relative to each other in different markets based on the demand for their content portfolios. Compare their content portfolios by genre on a market-by-market basis.

Remove the guesswork

Parrot Analytics was 94% accurate in predicting future episode-specific ratings for first-run television content during the US fall season.

Ensure your content investment decisions are well-informed. Deliver the highest yield on your investment.

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