World’s Best Recommendation & Discovery Algorithm

Building on years of global audience demand data and internal R&D, we are able to provide laser focused recommendations for any type of content.

Context is King

Sick of semantic-based recommendation models that lack context? Leveraging our global demand data, we take into account numerous contextual variables to make a recommendation truly relevant and thus valuable.

Cold Start Solved

Since we have analyzed billions of content consumption actions for you, there’s always going to be something to watch even if it’s the customer’s first time on a platform.

Change Settings in Real-Time

Our purpose-built algorithms cater for both short and long-term business goals and key performance indicators of titles. Long-tail library discovery or intent-aware recommendations to reduce churn? We’ve got it covered.

Social Graph and Analytics Included

What are your friends watching right now? Social connections algorithm included for social viewing. What was the most popular scene? Use high-end analytics to fuel your next marketing campaign.