Exploring Audiences for Noir TV in Latin America

Recently there has been a resurgence in noir-themed television shows. From traditional noir, such as The Bridge, to noir with supernatural elements, such as Jessica Jones, many popular titles are dark, morally-ambiguous crime dramas. In this analysis, we rank the top ten noir titles in two Latin American markets by their average Demand Rating™ in February:


Overall, both markets have similar demand for noir shows but Argentina’s demand is slightly higher. Teen noir show Pretty Little Liars topped the list in both markets, likely because it aired new episodes throughout February. Supernatural came second by demand in Brazil but ranked fourth in Argentina, with an average difference of 12 Demand Rating™ between the two markets. A more typical noir show, The Killing, ranked highly despite the fact that its last season was in 2014. The noir classic Twin Peaks, which aired in the early 1990s, has similar demand to The Killing. With demand so high over 20 years since its airing, it is not surprising that Twin Peaks is being revived in this noir-friendly environment.

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