Exclusive talent demand whitepaper reveals the global connections between talent and demand for entertainment content

4 April, 2022

Parrot Analytics' patented technology measures and analyzes talent demand on a global scale

Los Angeles, April 4, 2022 - Parrot Analytics, the global leader in audience demand measurement, today released an in-depth, exclusive whitepaper on the global demand for talent. The report reveals the connection between audiences and the personalities they love around the world, and how the industry can better harness global talent to meet this demand.

The whitepaper provides a comprehensive look at the globalization of demand for talent, as well as a detailed comparison of Japanese and South Korean talents, and how they stack up against other global stars.

This is the first time that specific demand for talent has been collected and analyzed on this scale.

Some of the key findings from the whitepaper include:

  • Global demand for Japanese and South Korean talent has grown significantly in recent years, and these talents are now some of the most in-demand personalities globally.
  • Japanese and South Korean talents are in high demand across a variety of industries, including athletics, music, filmmaking, acting, writing and animation.
  • As the proliferation of streaming services continues, and the collapse of virtual borders continues, discovering and determining how global talent can travel in various industries becomes crucial to casting and advertising decisions.
  • As content becomes more global, so will demand for talent who create people’s next favorite album or show, and they’re often from outside the US. One of the best examples is the explosion of Korean Pop, known as K-Pop, and the massive global success of groups like BTS and Blackpink.

Demand for Japanese and South Korean talent has exploded in recent years, with audiences clamoring for more content from these countries, according to the report’s findings. Despite this, the entertainment industry has been slow to embrace these talents, resulting in missed opportunities for advertisers and marketers.

"As content becomes more global, so will demand for talent who create people's next favorite album or show, and they're often from outside the US. Comparing talent to see where demand fluctuates can help marketing teams and advertisers better reach a targeted audience," said Julia Alexander, Senior Strategy Analyst at Parrot Analytics. "This is an opportunity for businesses, agencies, and brands to connect with more consumers around the world. The data in this whitepaper can help create a new franchise with an up-and-coming star, find the new face of a global brand campaign, as well as help you discover how to partner with an influencer for a special."

Parrot Analytics' whitepaper includes global snapshots of Japanese and South Korean talent demand, comparisons of top talents in each market, and an examination of the relationship between content and demand for South Korean and Japanese talent.

The results of the analysis further show that there is a growing demand for talent from these countries, and that these talents are often under-represented in the global market. The whitepaper, available for free on Parrot Analytics’ website, provides insights into how companies can better connect with these audiences by understanding the trends and demographics of these markets.

"Talent is the beating heart of all entertainment," said Renee Engelhardt, VP Partner Insights at Parrot Analytics: "The number of Japanese and South Korean talents who have become worldwide sensations in a plethora of industries - athletics, music, filmmaking, acting, writing and animation - has increased tenfold over the last few years. Our whitepaper shows how companies and brands can leverage our capabilities to better understand these emergent Asian markets and connect with more consumers around the world."

About Parrot Analytics:
Parrot Analytics is the industry leader in global audience demand measurement. The company measures global supply and demand for entertainment, capturing over 2 billion audiences expressing demand for content and talent in over 100 languages, across all platforms, in 200+ countries. Parrot Analytics' partners use this knowledge to help better understand global supply and demand across all platforms to value content and talent, drive better production, distribution, acquisition and marketing decisions, as well as increase D2C growth and retention. For more information, see

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Wade Payson-Denney
Press Insights Analyst
Parrot Analytics

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