Parrot Analytics launches producer package to help creators navigate New Hollywood

31 May, 2023

Los Angeles, May 31, 2023 – Parrot Analytics, the leading global entertainment analytics company, is proud to announce the launch of its new Producer Package. The new offering is aimed at helping producers, showrunners, and production companies value their creations as well as provide actionable insights to make better decisions about which projects to pursue and how to best negotiate and monetize their content.

Wall Street is moving away from prioritizing raw growth at streaming companies to emphasizing revenue and profit, resulting in strategic changes at some of the biggest entertainment conglomerates buying content from production companies today. This includes the re-opening of licensing content to third parties, such as rival services and free ad-supported television (FAST), after years of in-house consolidation. Other cost cutting measures include the cancellation of nearly finished projects and the complete removal of titles from streaming services. Parrot Analytics’ Content Valuation system can help creators navigate these changes by properly valuing each of their titles, platform by platform, to help them secure the best deal. The system is able to measure precisely how much revenue any title has generated in the past, and forecast how much revenue it will generate going forward, for any streaming service around the world.

“Our mission at Parrot Analytics is to connect creators with consumers around the world, and we’re proud to take an important step towards that today. We understand the importance of data-driven insights for content creators and production companies in this rapidly changing entertainment landscape. With our new Producer Package offering, we are empowering creatives with the essential capabilities to maximize their earnings potential, based on our industry-leading entertainment analytics platform and global Content Valuation System,” said Wared Seger, CEO of Parrot Analytics. “In this new era of portfolio optimization, we can help position content creators to find the very best fit for their TV series and movies, which simultaneously helps studios, distributors and ultimately audiences. Our goal is to provide content creators with the necessary insight to not just weather the commotion of the constantly evolving industry, but thrive within the opportunity it provides.”

Parrot Analytics’ Producer Package offers individual producers, agents, writers, and production companies the ability to request one content valuation report on a title of their choosing, as well as access Parrot Analytics’ DEMAND360 platform, the industry’s leading global entertainment analytics suite, providing detailed daily insights into individual title performance alongside macro trends in film and television. This not only allows individual parties to better understand the true value of their projects to current distribution partners or potential buyers, but also empowers them to make more informed decisions about which projects to pursue. The Producer Package also includes access to one strategy session from the Parrot Analytics team to help interpret the data and plan for the path ahead.

“As the entertainment industry has shifted to meet audiences in new ways, so have the power dynamics that govern new platforms dominating film and television. The economics of streaming have made it so a title’s true value is more difficult to parse, and compensation for all involved in a project more difficult to negotiate,” said Kevin Yorn, Managing Partner at leading entertainment law firm Yorn Levine. “Using Parrot Analytics’ Demand data to create an empirical valuation for a piece of content in the modern attention economy is a necessary tool that will help talent earn right and fair compensation for their work. It’s a revolutionary technology that will change some of our approach to quantifying content valuation in the business of entertainment.”

Yorn Levine represents some of the most in-demand talent and creators in entertainment. Clients include Steph Curry, Snoop Dogg, Scarlett Johansson, Mike Judge, Alicia Keys, Matthew McConaughey, Jordan Peele, Chris Rock, and Jason Sudeikis. The firm represents creators behind highly visible titles of the past year like Hwang Dong-hyuk and Kim Ji-yeon, executive producers of “Squid Game” on Netflix; Bill Lawrence, co-creator behind “Ted Lasso” on Apple TV+; the Duffer Brothers who created “Stranger Things” on Netflix; Dan Levy, the writer, executive producer, and actor for “Schitt’s Creek”; Loren Bouchard, creator and animator behind “Bob’s Burgers;” the Dans - Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert - who directed “Everything Everywhere All At Once;” among many others.

Caryn Mandabach, producer of hit shows like "Nurse Jackie" and "Peaky Blinders" and an investor in Parrot Analytics, echoes Levine’s sentiment: "As a longtime television producer and IP holder who has seen the industry shift from broadcast to cable to streaming, it’s become increasingly clear that understanding and harnessing the value of our own shows has never been more necessary. We worked with Parrot Analytics and their content valuation system to learn more about my award-winning series ‘Peaky Blinders’, and how to use that information to plan for the future of the ‘Peaky Blinders’ franchise, and to better advocate for our business at a time when the information isn’t as available as it used to be. Knowing how, why and where our show is loved by audiences around the globe gives us the ability to better understand audiences’ preferences and needs, as we look to expand the ‘Peaky’ universe. Understanding what the show means to each potential partner’s business helps create a fair middle ground between creatives and potential partners that has disappeared over the last decade.”

The entertainment industry has experienced a significant shift in recent years affecting all parties involved in the filmmaking and television creation process. Parrot Analytics is dedicated to providing content creators with the insights they need to adapt to these changes. With access to one full content valuation report and the DEMAND360 platform, the Producer Package empowers creatives to gain an accurate picture of the value of their intellectual property by giving them the ability to evaluate and maximize the value of their work, helping them to navigate the challenging landscape ahead.

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