Our Demand Portal is bringing real-time market analytics to:

Increase customer loyalty and reduce your churn rate

Looking to increase customer loyalty and reduce your churn rate?

Your internal consumption data provides one half of the picture. Our wider-market demand measurement provides the other half. Put the two together to understand the full picture on what exactly your current and future customers want to keep them happy.

Increase engagement on your platform

Looking to increase the overall engagement on your platform? Looking to grow a particular demographic group?

Understand overall content demand trends and break them down by demographics. Get actionable insights to drive highly targeted and successful strategies.

Optimize your portfolio for a sustained competitive advantage

Looking to build a sustained competitive advantage across various content genres and audience demographics?

Leverage our Portfolio Manager to address every aspect of your strategy. Sort content by market-specific demand, studio, genre, viewer demographics or other important variables. Have all the data ready at your fingertips when you need to make the big calls.

Precise content valuation for maximum ROI

Licensing content for a particular market? $65,000 per episode for title A or $69,000 per episode for title B?

Apply the industry’s first country-specific, cross-platform global demand rating to build precise content valuation models for content in different markets.

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