Parrot Analytics at MIPCOM 2022: What’s the Big Deal? Valuing content in the streaming age

21 November, 2022

As part of MIPCOM 2022's Media Mastermind Keynote moderated by World Screen’s Anna Carugati, Parrot Analytics' Director of Strategy Julia Alexander and Peaky Blinders Producer Caryn Mandabach weighed in on valuing content in the streaming age and the global reach of Peaky Blinders. The discussion centers around Parrot Analytics' recently launched content-valuation system around audience demand data: “Streamers keep information close to their chests, so it’s hard for producers to come up with valuations,” says Julia Alexander. “The data we use is like a lighthouse. It guides people towards opportunities and points to the most natural home for a show. It tells us what other shows Peaky Blinders fans are watching and opportunities to expand the brand and characters into new media.”

Parrot Analytics’ Content Valuation measurement system can determine the value of any title for any distribution service by measuring its historic and forward-looking impact on user acquisition and retention for that service, within each market.

As the IP owner and producer of Peaky Blinders, the international hit drama, Caryn is responsible for current and future deal-making to maximize the lifetime value and ensure success of her content for many years to come. Learn from her experience leveraging Parrot Analytics’ global demand data to bolster negotiations and tap into the true worth of her critically acclaimed IP in this moderated panel discussion.

Watch the video to understand how Parrot Analytics’ Content Valuation system can:

  • Measure the actual revenue contribution of any title to any platform in each market, and what percentage of that revenue was derived from adding new subscribers or retaining existing subscribers in that market.
  • Measure the forward-looking revenue potential (subscriber addition and retention) for new productions, new seasons, and library titles to any platform in each market.
  • Model scenarios determining the best distribution platform for any title to maximize its value.
  • Measure whether a movie would perform better theatrically or direct-to-streaming.
  • Measure the value contribution of talent to each title in each market.

Adoption of the Parrot Analytics' Content Valuation system will impact every step of the global content creation pipeline, helping to level the playing field between all stakeholders in the industry.

To learn more about Content Valuation, click here.

You can also read more about Parrot Analytics' Content Valuation system announcement here.

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