90’s Throwback: Which shows are still in-demand?

28 January, 2016

The 90’s represented a decade of TV-defining moments with sitcoms, such as Friends and Seinfield, to Sci Fi shows such as The X-Files. This week, we decided to check out the current audience demand for shows airing in the 90’s in the US and the UK, and com. Are these shows still in-demand? We find out below.

We generated the average Demand Rating™  over a period of 30 days from 25th December, 2015 to 25th January, 2016 for top 100 shows that debuted in 90’s in United States and United Kingdom.

We first computed the average demand of all 90’s shows in US and UK individually. While low in overall demand for these shows, the results revealed that there is more average demand for 90’s shows in US as compared to in UK.

Top 10 Shows

We then analyzed the top 10 90’s shows in each country by average demand over the same period. Here are the current top 10 most in-demand 90’s shows in US and UK.


In both US and UK, the top two shows are dominated by adult animated series: South Park and Family Guy.

South Park debuted in August 1997 with great success, consistently earning the highest ratings of any basic cable program. Subsequent ratings have varied but it remains one of Comedy Central’s highest rated shows, and is slated to air through at least 2019.

Family Guy debuted in 1998 on Fox. It is ranked the ninth Greatest TV Cartoon of All Time in 2013.

Interestingly, The X-Files is ranked fourth with almost the same average demand rating in both markets as audiences geared up for the current revival of the series.

It is also interesting to see that Family Guy which exhibits much of its humour in the form of cutaway gags that often lampoon American culture has more average demand in UK as compared to US.

Although the overall average demand for all 90’s shows is higher in US than in UK, the average demand for top two shows in UK is higher than the average demand for top two shows in US.


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