Australia TV Ratings for SVOD Television Shows

8 June, 2018

Parrot Analytics has recently taken an in-depth look at SVOD TV trends in Australia, including:

  • The top 20 digital streaming shows in Australia, as well as 5 additional titles of interest to people in Australia.
  • How local demand in Australia for these titles has changed over the course of the first quarter of 2018.
  • How many video streaming services consumers are willing to subscribe to, including a breakdown of age and gender.
  • TV industry update for Q1 detailing important events with a focus on OTT.
  • An overview of all the new streaming series that were released in the first quarter of 2018.
Top Streaming Television Shows in Australia

In the report, the top 20 digital original series and 5 series of interest have been ranked by their average Demand Expressions from January through March, 2018:



A time series plot illustrating interesting OTT television trends in Australia over the last three months is also included:


Our observations:
  • While Stranger Things had the highest average demand this quarter, Star Trek: Discovery grew in demand over the second half of its first season.
  • The second season trailer for Jessica Jones in February caused a demand spike that was about half the peak of the season release.
  • Though Grace and Frankie and Altered Carbon had the same demand on their release, Altered Carbon maintained this high demand for the next few weeks.
  • Stan’s Wolf Creek ranked 38th out of all digital original series in Australia.


Please download the full 44 page report here, which also includes data and analysis for 9 other countries: Australia SVOD Ratings Television Report for Q1, 2018


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