Demand data: The global TV measurement currency for U.S. television (28 June - 04 July 2020)

6 July, 2020

Image: Doom Patrol, DC Universe

Overall - Demand VS Market Average Copy.jpg

There is not much movement at the top of the US demand chart as we go into the Independence Day long weekend, with the top 5 series remaining static. Taking the podium with bronze and silver respectively are HBO’s Game Of Thrones and YTV’s My Hero Academia, with Nickelodeon’s Spongebob Squarepants taking the gold. As shown by our TV measurement currency, demand, the antics of the cartoon sponge have now spent 4 weeks in a row as America’s most in-demand series.

Further down the chart, as we predicted last week US demand for Netflix’s Dark has surged. The end of last week saw the release of the drama’s third and final season on June 27th. From this, Dark has moved into overall top ten in 6th place, up from last week’s 46th. From last week’s figures, interest in the show increased by 55.9% compared to the average demand for a series.

Demand, our TV measurement currency, also reveals that AMC’s The Walking Dead reappears in the Top 10 this week in 9th place. A special issue of the source comic was released on July 1st, fueling fan speculation as to how this unexpected new material might translate to the TV series. The Walking Dead’s COVID-19 delayed Season 8 finale will also now be aired as a special of its own, however there is no official date set yet for production to restart.

Digital Original - Demand VS Market Average.jpg

The strong increase in demand for Dark is also shown in the digital original chart. The drama moves from last week’s 7th to 2nd this week. Fellow Netflix series Stranger Things remains the most in-demand digital original series, although demand for this series has declined by 4.7% week-on-week relative to the market. As with The Walking Dead, there is as of yet no firm date on when production on Stranger Things will resume.

Similarly to Dark, demand for DC Universe’s Doom Patrol rose this week after Season 2 of the superhero series premiered late last week on June 25th. In a difference between the two series, Doom Patrol also released a new episode this week on July 2nd, as part of its weekly rather than all-at-once release schedule. Both these factors caused demand to keep rising from last week and Doom Patrol is now ranked 5th, up from 10th in the USA.

The chart’s platform composition shows that Netflix originals held the most audience attention for most Americans going into the long weekend, with 5 of the top 10 series being Netflix originals. DC Universe superhero series also captured attention with 3 series. The remaining 2 originals both belong to the Star Wars franchise from Disney+

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