Demand for Blindspot vs The Blacklist

Keeping up with our analysis of global demand for new fall shows, this week we looked at the new NBC series Blindspot.

Blindspot is widely reported as The Blacklist copycat having taken its premiere Monday slot on NBC. So how does this up-and-coming series actually stack up against its veteran counterpart?

We compare the Demand Rating™ for the two shows across three countries the Americas, and found that each have fairly consistent demand in these countries. The demand for Blindspot surpasses The Blacklist, albeit marginally, in the US with a Demand Rating™ of 68 vs. The Blacklist’s at a Demand Rating™ of 66. They are still neck and neck in Canada, but The Blacklist is holding strong against the newcomer in Argentina.

It’s hard to say whether Blindspot is, as Forbes puts it “floating on the strength of “it’s like The Blacklist, but with reversed genders””, but if NBC is hoping it performs as well as The Blacklist, it looks like the show isn’t letting them down yet.

-by Anna Huang & Sione Palu, Parrot Analytics