Demand for CW Shows

23 March, 2016

All CW Shows Renewed, But How’s Their Demand?

On March 11, the CW made the unusual decision to renew all eleven of their major scripted series. Many of their shows have been doing quite well this year, but some have had low ratings. In this exploration, we seek to determine how these low-demand CW titles compare to demand for cancelled shows from this season.

The Demand Expressions™ for the eleven CW shows and seven cancelled shows from other networks was averaged over the two weeks prior to the CW’s announcement (February 26th – March 10th).









































As expected, the most popular CW shows, such as The Flash and Arrow, have much more demand than the cancelled shows, but what may be more surprising is that all but two have more demand than all the cancelled shows. The two lowest-demand CW shows—Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Reign— are surpassed in demand by Heroes Reborn, an outlier among the cancelled shows with over 2.4 times more demand than the others. From this quick analysis, it appears that the CW was justified in renewing its in-demand slate of titles.

-Kayla Hegedus, Data Scientist

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