Demand for Emmy Winning Shows

13 November, 2015

What does global demand look like for Emmy- winning content?

The 67th Emmy Awards was particularly memorable.

With one of the most diverse set of winners in its history, the Emmys recognized some of best content in the industry. This year’s Emmys saw HBO content take the biggest wins, along with some of the best digital originals such as Amazon’s Transparent and Netflix’s Orange is the New Black.

In this article, it noted that when movies won an Oscar (the Emmy equivalent for movies), an increase in box office sales was observed due to an increase in the demand for that movie post-Oscar win. The same article also noted that with Netflix’s 31 nominations and 7 wins at the 66th Emmy awards in 2014, it saw a short-lived increase in its stock. Showcasing that recognition from winning prestigious industry awards such as the Emmys can have a number of positive effects on content businesses, as they are seen as leading providers of great content.

Riding on the buzz of the Emmys, we wanted to investigate the global demand for Emmy-winning content around the world, across platforms. Understanding demand for Emmy-winning content may help when it comes to content acquisition, sales, marketing and advertising. The recognition of quality from an Emmy award could even be the factor that saves a show from being cancelled.

So does winning an Emmy mean increased demand for that show around the world?

We analyzed global demand, using Demand Rating ™, for Emmy-winning shows across 4 award categories—Best Series, Actor, Actress and Writing for Drama, Comedy, Reality and Variety—a month and half before and a month and a half after the Emmys. Specifically, we looked at the demand pre- and post-Emmy win in the US, UK, Brazil and Japan.


Immediately, we can see that the demand for Emmy-winning shows across the four categories increased around the world in countries such as Brazil, Japan and the UK, while there was no significant change in demand in the US. Japan and Brazil showed the biggest increase in demand for Emmy-winning content post win.

When we have a closer look at the demand for the Emmy-winning shows across the four award categories in the United States, we see that all the Emmy-winning shows in those categories had a spike in demand right after the Emmy win (for up to two days after the event):

Drama surpassed all other categories in terms of its demand in the United States. We also noticed that the demand for Comedy overtook the demand for Variety Emmy-winning shows post-Emmy awards. It can be said that the effect of an Emmy win is strongest within a few days after the win. For a detailed view on the demand of these categories in other markets such as Brazil, UK and Japan, contact us at

We then looked at the breakdown of the demand for each category before and after Emmy wins in the US, UK, Brazil, and Japan:

  • Reality is one category that shows the biggest increase in demand after an Emmy win in all the markets analyzed, with Japan showing the biggest increase post-
  • Demand for Emmy-winning Drama only significantly increased after the win in Brazil, compared to the other 3 markets.
  • Emmy-winning Variety shows also show slight increases in demand post-win, in Japan, Brazil and the UK.
  • While the demand for Emmy-winning Comedy increased in Japan and Brazil by the same amounts after Emmy win, demand remained unchanged in the UK pre- and post-win.

The Emmy awards clearly impacts the demand for winning content in some categories, with the most significant changes in demand seen in countries other than the US, such as Brazil, Japan and the UK.

Knowing that there are increases in demand for certain Emmy-winning categories around the world across platforms could serve as an important indicator of potential consumption or untapped opportunities surrounding the Emmy hype.

– by Carol Wang, Data Scientist



Demand Rating™ data covered a period of 3 months from 1 August 2015 – 3 November 2015.

Emmy-winning shows included in this analysis:

Comedy includes Mom, Shameless, Transparent, Veep

Drama includes Game Of Thrones, House Of Cards, How To Get Away With Murder, Mad Men, Orange Is The New Black, The Americans

Reality includes Deadliest Catch, Hollywood Game Night, The Voice

Variety includes Inside Amy Schumer, The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, The Voice

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