Genre Trend Report - Sweden, May to July 2021

27 August, 2021

Parrot Analytics Genre Trend reports reveal which genres and subgenres appealed to a market's audiences the most during the quarter.

1. Which genres are most in-demand for audiences in Sweden this quarter?

2. How do genre trends in Sweden compare to global trends for the quarter?

3. Which subgenres are most in-demand for audiences in Sweden this quarter?

4. For only digital original series, what genres are most demanded by audiences in Sweden this quarter and how is this different to the overall shares?

For all titles, which genres are audiences in Sweden demanding most?


• In Sweden, the genre with the highest share of demand over May and July 2021 is drama. 39.9% of all demand expressed in the country during these three months is for a drama series.

• Reality is the second most demanded genre of series, accounting for a 14.8% share of Swedish demand. This overtakes the typical second largest genre of comedy, which here is third with a 12.6% share. The most in demand reality series for these three months is SVT’s Expedition Robinson.

• The animation and action and adventure genres attract almost even amounts of audience attention, at 7.5% and 7.4% respectively.

How do Genre Demand Shares in Sweden compare to global trends?


• Investigating how Swedish shares compare to the global trends for the same three months, we observe that the reality genre has significantly higher share. In Sweden, reality’s 14.8% demand share is +4.1% more than the global average. The trend is driven by strong local production like the previously mentioned Expedition Robinson, Viafree’s Du Är Vad Du Äter and Sjuan’s Love Island Sverige.

• Comedy lose out the most from the high Swedish attention on reality, with the genre’s demand share here being -1.6% smaller than the average market. British series Taskmaster is the most demanded comedy for May to July 2021.

• The demand share for action and adventure series is +0.7% higher than the global average in Sweden, with audiences expressing high demand for Disney+ series like Loki.

For all titles, which subgenres are audiences in Sweden demanding most?


• Crime drama is the single most in-demand subgenre in Sweden, with a demand share 1.6 times larger than the next largest subgenre, sitcom. Netflix’s Lucifer is the most in-demand crime drama in Sweden.

• Although reality is a highly demanded genre in Sweden, this is not reflected in the top subgenres. Competition reality is the most in-demand reality subgenre and does not reach the top ten, ranking 13th.

• The thriller subgenre ranks highly in Sweden where it is 6th, against a rank of 11th globally. This high demand is driven by local Scandinavian Noir titles like Netflix’s Snabba Cash and C More’s Gåsmamman.

For digital original titles, which genres are audiences in Sweden demanding most?


• Streaming platform originals are not supplying the high Swedish demand for reality series. In the digital original segment, this genre’s demand share is just 2.6%, -12.1% lower than the overall market demand share. Streaming services should learn from high-demand local reality series like Expedition Robinson to better appeal to Swedish audiences.

• The drama genre is still a heavy focus for streaming service originals. In the digital originals segment of the Swedish market, the drama genre has a 49.5% demand share, up +9.5% from the overall market. During these three months, Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale is the most demanded digital original drama series.

• There is a similar trend for action and adventure digital originals, which have a +8.5% higher demand share than the genre does across all series. A key driver of this trend are Disney+’s series, which make up four of Sweden’s five most in-demand digital original action and adventure series. This includes the most in-demand series, Loki.

• The 13.4% demand share for digital original comedy series is slightly higher than the genre’s 12.6% overall share. Apple TV+’s Mythic Quest is the most in-demand of these series.

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