Global Demand for Cancelled Shows

16 December, 2015

Where is the love for the cancelled shows of 2015?

The end of the year is fast approaching. 2015 has seen the release of highly popular new series, from FOX’s Empire in January to Netflix’s Jessica Jones in November, but many others have also aired their last episodes this year. Parrot Analytics takes a look at the demand over the past two weeks (from November 23rd to December 6th) for these cancelled shows to see which ones still have an audience and where this demand is coming from.

We first averaged the demand for all titles in three markets—Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States—and ranked the titles by demand. The five cancelled shows with the most demand in each market were then found and are listed below:

The recently-cancelled Wicked City and The Bastard Executioner still have notable demand in all three markets. Australia has the highest demand for these cancelled shows with an average of 56.01 Demand RatingTM, while the United Kingdom has the least average demand with 53.35 Demand RatingTM. However, looking at the ranking of these shows in the markets, the United States has the lowest average rank, indicating that there are more shows in this market that are more popular than these cancelled titles.

Which currently airing shows are comparable to these cancelled shows in terms of demand? Are they really doing worse than other currently airing titles? To find out, we identify several non-cancelled series with similar—and in some cases, lower— demand to these cancelled titles.

While the cancelled shows do not have more demand than popular titles like Mr. Robot, several of them have more demand than more marginal currently-airing shows like CSI: Cyber. This analysis suggests that there is at least the potential for these cancelled shows to be doing as well as the non-cancelled shows with similar demand if different distribution channels or platforms were utilized and in markets where they are still in-demand.

-by Kayla Hegedus, Parrot Analytics


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