Halloween Horror Demand

28 October, 2021

Just ahead of Halloween we’re looking into the demand trends for horror content in the US. While horror is one of the more niche genres (its share of demand pales in comparison to a larger genre like drama) it has a distinct seasonal advantage around October as audiences look for a good scare.  As we’ve previously shown, there is a notable spike in demand for horror content every October.  This year is already on track to have the highest October demand for horror series in the past four years. 


But which shows are driving this seasonal spooky spike?  Below we reveal the top most in-demand horror series so far this October.  American Horror Story consistently ranks at the top of this genre.  For the past ten years it has given audiences the spooky fix they are looking for. One reason for its lasting success may be its anthology format.  Each season is a self contained story with new characters and settings, ensuring it stays fresh for audiences season after season.


Chucky, which premiered on October 12th, has jumped into the ranking as the second most in-demand horror series in the US with almost 20 times the average series demand this month.  This show is the first expansion of the Child’s Play film franchise into TV.  It’s success could be an indicator that other popular horror film franchises are ready to be adapted to the small screen.

We see another franchise with multiple series among the most in-demand horror series this month.  Both Hannibal and Clarice are part of the Silence of the Lambs franchise. While Hannibal ended in 2015 it has remained popular among fans.  Clarice is a new addition to the franchise which premiered this year.  

Creepshow, another anthology horror series, was the fourth most in-demand horror series this month.  It is an original series from the streaming platform Shudder, which focuses on horror content.

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