Japan Television Audience Trends 2017

Japan Television Audience Trends 2017

Parrot Analytics has recently taken an in-depth look at television audience trends in Japan, including:

  • How new TV shows are discovered online by television audiences in Japan broken down by age and gender.
  • How new TV series are discovered offline by television audiences in Japan broken down by age and gender.
  • How audience engagement drives demand for digital streaming television series in Japan.

We are pleased to reveal the following findings of our comprehensive study.


How TV audiences discover new television shows to watch in Japan

Recommendations on viewing platforms such as Netflix and online advertisements are used by 20% of audience members, while only 18% use online word of mouth on social media.

Browsing articles, news, blogs, etc. is by far the most common method of discovering new TV shows online, accounting for 47% of people. This method is evenly split between men and women but is mostly used by people aged 45+.

Offline, nearly half of people in Japan look to television commercials to find new shows to watch, and of these people, over 60% of them are women. TV guides and listings are also popular, with 36% of people using them, the majority of which are men. While only 2% of people discover new content from cinema advertisements, nearly 40% of those people are aged 18 to 24.


Please download the full 65 page report here, which also includes data and analysis for 9 other countries: Japan TV Report – OTT Market Share and Audience Preferences.