Minority Report vs Limitless

With some very exciting additions to this year’s fall TV season, we have been passionately following the global demand for new fall season content as we last reported here.

This week, we decided to compare the global demand for two new fall shows that are movie spinoffs: Minority Report and Limitless.

We analyzed and compared the demand for both shows in the US, France and Australia using Demand Rating™ over the last month to see if there is a clear winner between the two.

Both shows show almost similar demand profiles across the 3 markets, with Limitless having the highest demand for it in Australia, when compared with Minority Report. Interestingly, Australian demand for Limitless surpasses that of the United States at an average Demand Rating™ of 69 over the last month – pointing to the fact that Limitless may be resonating more with the Australian population.

Minority Report still had higher demand in the US over the last month compared to Australia and France. And seems to be in more demand in France than Limitless. However, both shows have comparatively low demand in France.

No clear winner emerges but Limitless may be leading this race with more demand than Minority Report in Australia and the US, while Minority Report has more demand than Limitless in France only.