Most In-Demand TV Series by Demographics in New Zealand

While knowing the demand for TV shows is certainly useful, buyers and sellers often target their content at specific audiences; they are only interested in a certain group’s demand for their titles, rather than the entire population.

To address this problem, Parrot Analytics has developed a Demographic Classification System™ to identify the segments of the population that have the most demand for any given TV show.

In this example, we rank the catalogue of a New Zealand OTT platform by both demographics and demand. We then average the ranks to determine the hottest shows for each gender and age group.

From these results, we see that tastes in TV shows differ more by age than by gender: while three shows are common between young men and women and four shows are common between old men and women, no shows are common between young and old men or women.

Surprisingly, an older show—Seinfeld—is popular among young men, possibly because, unlike older people, they did not have the opportunity to watch the show during its original airing.

This simple analysis of demographic popularity and overall demand reveals key differences between the gender and age groups, which could lead to significant changes in strategy for content buyers looking to build a specific audience profile.

– Kayla Hegedus, Data Scientist

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