Netflix Series Measurement & More: US Television Top 10 (October 2 – 8, 2016)

10 October, 2016
Image: Longmire, Netflix

Parrot Analytics’ global TV demand data is generated in real-time. This enables the measurement of how much Netflix, Amazon and Hulu digital original series are wanted in 100+ markets around the world. We do this by applying Parrot Analytics’ globally standardized TV measurement metric, Demand Expressions.

In the first full week since its release on September 30th, Marvel’s Luke Cage more than doubled in demand, exceeding a Demand Rating of 90 and becoming the most in-demand series in the United States (as well as remaining the most popular digital original series). It also boosted the demand for its sister Marvel series: Jessica Jones had almost 50% more demand this week than last week and Daredevil joined them in the top 10 this week. The mention of these characters in Luke Cage seems to have resulted in a substantial increase in demand for their series.

While the Marvel shows surged in demand, older hits Stranger Things and Narcos declined by 23% and 40% respectively, yet remained the second- and third-most popular digital original series. The fifth season of Longmire was still high in-demand and was joined by another recent release: the second half of The Ranch, released on October 7th. Demand for steady performers Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, and Fuller House only decreased by an average of 12%, keeping them in the top 10 digital originals.

Luke Cage had 38% more demand than the second-most popular series in the United States, the new HBO drama Westworld. Last week’s top show American Horror Story dropped to third place though its demand only decreased by 2%. After their season finales, demand for Mr. Robot and Power decreased by about 34%, a pattern we expect to see next week for Fear the Walking Dead, which ended on October 2nd. The only new title in the top 10 overall series was The Flash, which had its season premiere this week.


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