Parrot Analytics Executives Alejandro Rojas and Julia Alexander to Lead Parrot IQ: A Data-Driven Consultancy for Entertainment and Media Companies

19 March, 2024

New York, March 19, 2024 – Parrot Analytics, the leader in IP valuation and global entertainment analytics, is thrilled to announce the launch of Parrot IQ, its pioneering consultancy arm designed to offer data-backed consulting within the media and entertainment industry.

Parrot Analytics’ Applied Analytics, Insights, and Strategy teams have spent the last decade consulting a diverse array of clients, including leading streaming services, esteemed production companies, major networks, top legal firms, global financial institutions, and sports leagues. Additional client sectors include social media platforms, video game developers, educational entities, and government/regulatory agencies. The demand for Parrot Analytics’ consulting services has grown at an accelerated rate, leading the company to create the consulting arm to better serve current and new clients’ needs.

At the helm of Parrot IQ are executives Alejandro Rojas and Julia Alexander. Alejandro brings a rich background in machine learning, financial asset prediction, and media production, coupled with an impressive academic record from Duke University, UC Berkeley, and an MBA from MIT Sloan. Julia Alexander is recognized as a leading authority in the business of entertainment, offering invaluable strategy insights into the seismic shifts within tech, media, and telecom and guiding clients through the complexities of modern content strategy. She is also an analyst for Puck News, read by top C.E.O.s across entertainment, media, sports, and politics.

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"At Parrot Analytics, we're not just measuring the future; we're actively building it. Parrot IQ stands as a beacon for those navigating the complex interplay between content and finance, aiming to set a new standard in IP valuation,” said Wared Seger, CEO of Parrot Analytics. “Our goal is to transform these insights into an industry benchmark, guiding our clients toward unprecedented financial success."

The genesis of Parrot IQ lies in the necessity for a consultancy led by industry experts and analytics masters who are adept at navigating the expansive macro challenges of the industry and the intricate micro-dynamics crucial to a company's immediate and future strategies, backed by the most comprehensive audience and financial modeling datasets. This dual focus is designed to spur innovation, drive transformational change, and ensure clients remain competitive and forward-thinking in an ever-disruptive landscape, all while mitigating the risk of investments.

Parrot IQ's expertise is crucial in navigating the complex industry landscape, from analyzing regional trends to informing direct-to-consumer strategies, to ongoing analyses of competitive dynamics, content evolution, and audience behavior shifts. By leveraging expert media insights backed by comprehensive valuation datasets, Parrot IQ provides guidance on content development, distribution strategies, and immediate revenue opportunities, while also establishing long-term competitive advantages.

As Parrot Analytics continues to evolve, Parrot IQ represents our dedication to innovation, excellence, and, most importantly, our clients' success. Parrot IQ embodies the spirit of "magnifying the future," a commitment to not only anticipate but also shape the dynamics of the TMT sectors. With a team of exceptional individuals powered by unparalleled capabilities, Parrot Analytics is poised to illuminate multiple new pathways to success for our clients. 

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