What is the most popular TV Show in the US? (August 28 – September 3, 2016)

5 September, 2016
Image: Stranger Things, Netflix

No longer must the industry wonder what the most popular TV show is in the United States (or in over 100 markets worldwide). Global TV demand data provides the categorical answer and reveals what audiences want. And for the first time ever, the most in-demand title in the US is a digital original series. Netflix’s Stranger Things has reached new heights of audience demand for it, as it takes the number 1 spot as the most in-demand series in the US right now.

Demand for Stranger Things increased by 8% this week – likely propelled by Netflix’s announcement of a second season.

With Stranger Things‘ announcement and Mr. Robot‘s lead-up to its season finale, these shows have increased in demand enough to overtake Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones had been the most popular show in the United States since mid-April, but its demand decreased by 22% this week, allowing two more recent titles to take over the top spots.

Though Game of Thrones‘ reign is over, HBO titles are still doing well: The Night Of retains its fourth-place ranking after its season finale on August 28th and Ballers joins the top ten for the first time this season. In contrast, AMC’s two Walking Dead shows have decreased in demand by about 5% and fallen to ninth and tenth place overall.

The second season of Narcos was released this week, causing its demand to more than double. Both these events resulted in The Get Down ranking third on the top digital original series list. BoJack Horseman and Daredevil have slightly increased demand this week and re-enter the top ten, while demand for Sense8 and Marco Polo decreased enough to put them below the threshold. This is the first week since Marco Polo‘s release in July that it has not been in the top ten.


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