Spain Television Audience Trends 2017

Parrot Analytics has recently taken an in-depth look at television audience trends in Spain, including:

  • How new TV shows are discovered online by television audiences in Spain broken down by age and gender.
  • How new TV series are discovered offline by television audiences in Spain broken down by age and gender.
  • How audience engagement drives demand for digital streaming television series in Spain.

We are pleased to reveal the following findings of our comprehensive study.


How TV audiences discover new television shows to watch in Spain

Online word of mouth, via social media, is used by 37% of people to discover new shows. This method has an even split between the genders and between people under and over age 45. Peer-to-peer networks are only used by about 6% of people to find shows: of them, over 70% are men and about 30% are between aged 45 and 54.


In Spain, about a third of people find new shows by either word of mouth or television listings/guides. Word of mouth is more commonly used by young people, aged 18 to 44, and TV guides are more common with audience members aged 45+. Most methods are used evenly by both genders, but magazine and newspaper reviews are more commonly used by men.


Please download the full 65 page report here, which also includes data and analysis for 9 other countries: Spain TV Report – OTT Market Share and Audience Preferences.

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