Streaming The Final Frontier: Paramount+ and the power of franchises

12 May, 2023

In the dynamic world of entertainment, streaming platforms are in a fierce competition to capture and maintain the attention and loyalty of subscribers. Amid an abundance of content, the role of established TV franchises in driving subscriber growth, retention, and profitability is indispensable. With their loyal fanbases, iconic characters, and rich narratives, franchises present streaming platforms with the ideal tools to engage subscribers and sustain their interest.

A prime example of the strategic deployment of franchises can be seen with Paramount+. The platform has astutely harnessed the power of its beloved franchises, such as Star Trek and the Taylor Sheridan Universe, to distinguish itself from competitors. As of 2022, these two franchises accounted for nearly half of the total demand for Paramount+ original content.

The Star Trek franchise, Paramount+'s flagship IP, accounted for approximately one-third of the demand for the platform’s original content. The exclusive streaming rights to a culturally significant franchise like Star Trek, encompassing both the original series and other network-released titles, gives Paramount+ a potent competitive advantage. By continuously investing in developing new Star Trek content, Paramount+ not only satisfies its subscriber base but also broadens the franchise's universe, attracting newer generations of fans.


Likewise, the Taylor Sheridan Universe has evolved into another crucial element of Paramount+'s content strategy. Despite its relatively small size in terms of the number of shows — which on Paramount+ includes Yellowstone spin-offs 1883 and 1923, as well as shows like Tulsa King and The Mayor of Kingstown — it was responsible for 11.5% of the demand for Paramount+ originals in 2022. This figure could have been even higher had Yellowstone not been licensed to Peacock.

Both Paramount+ franchises perform admirably when juxtaposed with other leading TV franchises. Demand for the Taylor Sheridan Universe spiked in the last quarter of 2022, following the release of a new season of Yellowstone, which triggered a surge in demand for its spin-offs, and new shows like Tulsa King and 1923. After peaking at the start of 2023 as the most in-demand TV franchise, demand for the Sheridan Universe has fallen, matching the demand level for the Star Trek franchise. The Star Trek franchise has been steadily growing since June 2021 and has secured its spot as the second most sought-after TV franchise, trailing only Star Wars.


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