SVOD Platform Trend Report - Denmark, February to April 2021

17 May, 2021

Parrot Analytics SVOD platform trend reports reveal which SVOD’s digital original series are appealing most to audiences in a market during these three months, dive deeper into how this looks for the dynamic action and adventure genre and shed light on the overall size of digital original series within the entire market.

The key questions investigated in this report:

1. Are audiences in Denmark demanding more linear or more digital content?

2. Which SVOD’s original series are demanded most by audiences in Denmark and how is this evolving?

3. In the Action and Adventure genre, which SVOD’s original series are demanded most by audiences in Denmark and how is this evolving?

Are audiences in Denmark demanding more linear or digital content?


• During February to April 2021, 82.7% of all Danish demand for series was expressed for a linear series. 17.3% was expressed for a digital original series.

• This is +1.5% from the global linear series demand share of 81.2%, indicating that digital originals have slightly less importance than average to Danish audiences.

• However, digital original series only comprise 11.4% of the available titles, far lower than their 17.3% demand share. This means that despite the market’s lower-than-average demand share, on a per-title basis digital originals still outperform linear series in Denmark.

Which SVOD’s original series are most in-demand by audiences in Denmark?


• In Denmark, series from Netflix have the largest proportion of audience attention. 46.1% of all digital original demand in these three months was expressed for a Netflix original, with Stranger Things the most in-demand of these shows.

• The Disney+ SVOD platform launched in Denmark in September 2020. Originals from Disney+ have a demand share in the market of 18.2% - this is around triple the platform’s global demand share of 6.8%. The most in-demand Disney+ original is Marvel superhero series WandaVision.

• The high demand from Danish audiences for Disney content is impacting the demand for series from smaller services. Only a 12.8% share of Danish demand is from these platforms, much smaller than the global share of 21.4%.

The next chart shows how the demand shares for these five platforms have evolved over the past 12 months:


• The demand share trends over time for Denmark clearly show that the share for Disney+ originals has steadily increased after the platform’s September 2020 launch in the market. Before the Danish launch around Summer 2020, Disney+ held a 6-7% demand share in Denmark.

• We can draw two takeaways from this: It is likely that marketing put in place for the official launch has boosted demand, and also likely Disney has now converted existing Danish content consumers into monetized subscribers.

• We can also see that share for Netflix original series is decreasing. From a high of 59.7% in August 2020, the Netflix share has dropped to 44.8% in April 2021. One issue contributing to this trend is COVID-19 production disruptions, which delayed seasons of key tentpole series like The Witcher and Stranger Things.

• In contrast to Netflix, Apple TV+ is putting out new seasons of top shows, and demand share for the platform’s originals has increased in the past three months from 3.1% to 5.5%. News seasons of For All Mankind and Servant are strongly contributing to this upward trend.

Which SVOD’s Action and Adventure original series are demanded most by audiences in Denmark?


• The major SVOD platforms are competing for the attention-grabbing action and adventure genres. Disney+’s outsize share of the Danish demand for digital original series is even stronger here. High demand Marvel and Star Wars series mean Disney+ has a 59.3% share here, far exceeding the global share of 34.4%.

• Netflix original in this genre have a global demand share of 29.3%, only slightly behind Disney+’s global share of 34.4%. However, in Denmark they are relegated to a distant second with only 17.9%.

• Replacing Hulu and Apple TV+ from the overall digital original market, the 4th and 5th largest platforms in this genre are HBO Max and Paramount+.

The next chart shows how the action and adventure demand shares for these five platforms have evolved over the past 12 months:


• This clearly shows the rise of Disney+. The demand share for original series from this platform has steadily risen since the Danish launch in September 2020, from a 16.8% share in August 2020 to the current high of 60.3% in April 2021. This period includes the premiere of several originals with outstanding demand in Denmark: The Mandalorian S2, Wandavision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

• The timeseries also illustrates importance of tentpoles to Netflix and underscores the issues caused by production disruption. August 2020 sees a demand share of 47.9%, largely from The Umbrella Academy S2. That was the last outstanding or exception action and adventure Netflix original, leaving the service to decline to an admittedly strong baseline of around 20%.

• Amazon Prime Video’s surge in demand share around September (26.5%) and October (27.8%) 2020 is largely due to S2 of The Boys. The effect spans two months as Amazon prefers to release episodes of new seasons weekly.

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