SVOD Platform Trend Report - The Philippines, April to June 2021

13 July, 2021

Parrot Analytics SVOD platform trend reports reveal which SVOD’s digital original series are appealing most to audiences in a market during these three months, dive deeper into how this looks for the dynamic action and adventure genre and shed light on the overall size of digital original series within the entire market.

The key questions investigated in this report:

  1. Are audiences in the Philippines demanding more linear or more digital content?
  2. Which SVOD’s original series are demanded most by audiences in the Philippines and how is this evolving?
  3. In the Action and Adventure genre, which SVOD’s original series are demanded most by audiences in the Philippines and how is this evolving?

Are audiences in the Philippines demanding more linear or digital content?

  • In the Philippines, 17.2% of all demand is expressed for a digital original series. The majority of audience demand, 82.8%, is expressed for shows from linear networks.
  • Over the same period, the global demand share for digital originals is 19.0%. The -1.8% difference indicates digital original series still have room to grow their market share in the Philippines.
  • However, on a per-unit basis digital original series overperform in this market. Digital originals make up 11.7% of all titles in this market compared to the 17.2% demand share, meaning that the average digital original series has higher demand than the average linear series.

Which SVOD’s original series are most in-demand by audiences in the Philippines?

  • Over these three months, the demand share of Netflix digital original series in this market is 52.0%. Globally, the demand share for Netflix digital original series is 48.4%, meaning Netflix’s series have a higher than average share in the Philippines.
  • Following the launch of multiple seasons of high-profile Star Wars and Marvel series, Disney+ originals have the second highest demand share with 13.4%.
  • Accounting for 6.8% of all demand expressed for digital original series, HBO’s HBO Max branded originals have a share here higher than the global average. Over April to June 2021, the most in-demand HBO Max original is superhero series Titans.

The next chart shows how the demand shares for these five platforms have evolved over the past
12 months:

  • The main trend in digital originals in the Philippines over the past 12 months is
    the growth in demand for Disney+ originals. From 4.4% of the digital original
    market in July 2020, Disney+ series account for 14.1% in June 2021.
  • This growth has mainly occurred at the expense of Hulu and Netflix. Amazon Prime
    Video and HBO Max have maintained or grown their shares. 
  • The share for Netflix originals has shrunk the most over the last 12 months, although over the most
    recent three months the demand share has been stable.

Which SVOD’s Action and Adventure original series are demanded most by audiences in the Philippines?

  • In the tentpole-heavy action and adventure genre, the demand shares show a different story. Philippine demand for Disney+’s action and adventure originals outstrips Netflix 40.4% to 31.0%. 
  • Disney+’s strong focus on this genre, with demand for Disney series highest in the Philippines for The Falcon And The Winter Soldier and Wandavision, has helped it become the dominant source of originals.
  • Amazon Prime Video’s digital original series account for 9.8% of all demand in this genre. Superhero series The Boys is the most in-demand Amazon action and adventure original with audiences in the Philippines for these three months.

The next chart shows how the action and adventure demand shares for these five platforms have evolved over the past 12 months:

  • The trends for this genre over the last 12 months clearly shows the rise of Disney+ demand in the Philippines. 
  • Disney+’s demand share increases strongly from December 2020 when Season 2 of The Mandalorian was released. The increase continues in the first half of 2021 as new Marvel series debut, with the premiere of Loki captured in the June 2021 data.
  • The trend shows how the demand increase for Disney+ series has squeezed the Netflix demand share in this genre. Due to the COVID-related delay of The Witcher S2, Netflix has not had a tentpole series in this genre since The Umbrella Academy in August 2020. 

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