The global success of Canadian local TV productions and television subgenre insights

5 May, 2019

Parrot Analytics has recently taken an in-depth look at the global travelability of Canadian local television productions as well as how the demand for TV subgenres differs from the global average by leveraging Parrot Analytics global TV demand data.

Please download the full 68 page report here, which also includes data and analysis for 9 other countries: Canada TV content travelability and subgenres report.

The international success of local TV productions from Canada

We define “content travelability” as the global popularity of a title relative to its home market. Based on this measure, we are able to make the following observations:

  • Unusually, Canadian content is not most in-demand in Canada; the USA actually has 13% higher demand for Canadian titles than Canada itself.
  • Canadian content travels exceptionally well. The global travelability is 29.9%, over 10% more than the content travelability of American content, and the highest travelability we have observed out of all 10 markets in this report.
  • The top markets for Canadian content are located in four continents: North America, LATAM, Europe and Oceania.

The most popular television subgenres in Canada

Parrot Analytics tracks tens of thousands of TV shows in 100+ markets across all television distribution platforms. This enables us to make the following observations concerning subgenres for Canada:

  • The largest demand share is for sitcoms, which accounts for 9.3% of all expressed demand in this market, 0.5% more than the global average.
  • Crime dramas, superhero and fantasy titles are all high-demand subgenres, but have a lower demand share in Canada than the global average.
  • Competition reality titles are more in demand in Canada than in most markets.

Download our free TV content travelability and subgenres report for Canada

Download this report now and discover the latest TV travelability and subgenres data trends for Canada. Our comprehensive global TV demand report includes the following insights:

Germany Domestic TV Insights:

  • We reveal the 2018 Canada SVOD market share of the major platforms including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and CBS All Access based on audience demand for each platform’s digital originals.
  • Discover how SVOD market share trends in Canada have changed over the last 24 months, including the contribution made by DC Universe.
  • Find out what percentage of the market for drama and action/adventure digital originals each SVOD platform has managed to capture over the last 24 months.
  • Learn where in the world content produced in Canada is the most wanted relative to the Canadian home market; we refer to this as content travelability.
  • Discover which sub genres resonate the most with Canadians compared to the global average.
  • Find out what the demand distribution of a selection of digital originals in Canada looks like.
  • Discover the top 20 digital streaming shows in Germany, as well as 5 additional titles of interest to audiences in Canada

Global Television Insights:

  • Find out the 2018 global SVOD market share of the major platforms including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and CBS All Access across 100+ markets.
  • Discover the worldwide platform demand share of drama digital originals as well as the worldwide platform demand share of action/adventure digital originals.
  • The increase in the global investment made by SVOD platforms over the last 5 years.
  • The global growth of SVOD subscribers over the last 5 years.
  • The increase in digital original titles worldwide over the last 7 years.
  • A TV industry update for 2018 detailing important market events concerning SVOD services.
  • We have also included a mini analysis of the global demand for critically acclaimed digital original comedies.

Parrot Analytics publishes this report each quarter, be sure to bookmark to gain access to the latest available market share report across all SVOD platforms.

After reading this article you may have a few questions, such as “How can TV series and SVOD platforms generate demand in markets where they are not yet available?” Please make sure to read our methodology for demand attribution and also our knowledge base article on how Parrot Analytics defines a “digital original” series.

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