The most in-demand actors in December

14 January, 2022

In this article, we look at the top 10 actors In December (December 1st - January 1st). The chart we’re analyzing is the Talent Demand index, filtered by the profession. 

The result is a complex combination of rising young actors, who star in big end-of-year releases and established actors who prove to generate consistent interest. Big standouts include Superhero launches, and blockbuster successes, such as Dune and The Matrix.


Superhero supremacy

It hardly comes as a surprise that Superhero actors were plentiful among the Top 10 Talent Demand index in December. According to Parrot Analytics data, the Superhero genre is the most popular, so it’s only natural that the result is reflected in the Talent index.

Five out of the ten most in-demand actors are playing in Superhero franchises this year. 


Coming in first place, it’s Zendaya, with a peak demand of 118.3x the average demand on December 20th – the day when the new trailer for HBO’s Euphoria came out. She plays in Spiderman: No Way Home, which achieved the third-best global box office of all time following its release on December 16th. Zendaya was also in Denis Villeneuve’s Dune, released on October 21st

Further down the list, we find Hailee Steinfeld, Andrew Garfield, and Chris Evans. Steinfeld, who plays Kate Bishop in Disney+ hot debut Hawkeye, comes in third, with a demand rate of 46.4x the average. The show, which first aired on November 24th, has recorded a demand rate of 40.38x the average in December – making it an exceptional debut.


All actors who play Spiderman in Marvel’s crossover movie SpiderMan: My Way Home ranked in the Top 10. Andrew Garfield is second on the list. His role in the recent release garnered him a lot of attention, elevating his demand rate this month to 46.6x the average. The result is also boosted for having starred in Netflix’s musical Tick Tick… Boom!, released on November 21st.

Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland also made it to the list, coming in seventh and eighth place, respectively. Maguire, who originally played the superhero in Sam Raimi’s Spiderman trilogy, recorded 39.5x the average demand. Meanwhile, Tom Holland, who is from MCU’s version of Spiderman, registered 37.1x the average demand.

Chris Evans, renowned for playing Captain America in MCU’s movies, comes in ninth place. The actor, who had a cameo in Netflix’s star-studded Don’t Look Up, garnered 36x the demand average for the period.

Neo, this war is going to end

The most recent installment in The Matrix saga, The Matrix Resurrections, premiered worldwide on December 22nd. The buzz generated by its launch gathered a lot of interest for the franchise’s main actor.

Keanu Reaves, who plays the character Neo, is the sixth most in-demand actor in this period. He’s generated 37x the demand average for the month. His peak demand so far has been and it’s likely to keep increasing in the aftermath of the movie’s premiere.

Other standouts

America’s eternal Blonde Bombshell, Marilyn Monroe, placed fourth on the list. The long-lasting impact of the actress’ work earned her 42.3x the demand average.

Meanwhile, another iconic blonde actress, Cameron Diaz, comes in third place. Despite retiring from acting in 2018, she recorded 46.3x the demand average for the period. This is likely due to the popularity of The Holiday as an end-of-the-year movie pick.

To wrap up the list, there’s Jennifer Lopez. The artist generated 35.7x the demand average for the period. The interest in Lopez could be fueled by recent news of her getting back together with actor Ben Affleck.

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