The most popular streaming television series in the Netherlands

1 May, 2019

Parrot Analytics has recently taken an in-depth look at the most popular streaming television series produced by SVOD platforms in the Netherlands by leveraging Parrot Analytics global TV demand data.

Please download the full 60 page report here, which also includes data and analysis for 9 other territories: The Netherlands streaming TV series report.

The top 20 SVOD original television series in the Netherlands

We measure the audience demand for television content around the world, factoring in all of the following and more:

  • Audience video consumption (streaming and downloads)
  • Social media engagement (hashtags, liking, sharing)
  • Consumer research actions (reading about shows, writing about shows, etc)

Demand for content is calculated daily for tens of thousands of TV shows in 100+ markets across all television distribution platforms: The more consumer effort is required, the more importance we attach to each of the factors above.

This approach results in the industry’s most advanced global TV demand measurement system, allowing us to provide insights on TV series that audiences the world over truly care about.

So, with all that in mind, here are our top 20 original TV series by a streaming platform for the Netherlands for Q1 2019:

Which Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu series are most popular?

We define a streaming original series as a multi-episode series where the most recent season was produced or first made available on a streaming platform.

By analyzing each TV series’ demand relative to the market average, we are able to classify each TV show into one of the following TV series performance brackets:

  • Below average (22.4% of all TV shows in the Netherlands)
  • Average (64.1% of all TV shows in the Netherlands)
  • Good (8.6% of all TV shows in the Netherlands)
  • Outstanding (2.7% of all TV shows in the Netherlands)
  • Exceptional (0.02% of all TV shows in the Netherlands)

The resulting TV audience demand distribution illustrates how a TV show’s popularity compares to the demand benchmark, which is a measure of the average demand across all titles.

The Parrot Analytics TV content demand distribution curve

A TV show in the Netherlands falls into one of the following performance buckets depending on how many times more or less demand it has compared to the market demand benchmark:

A TV show’s performance is market-specific, e.g. the same show can be in the “Average” range in the United States and in the “Good” range in France. As an example, if a show has 9 times more demand than the demand benchmark, it falls in the “Outstanding” performance range; only 2.7% of all shows in the market reach this high level of demand.

The audience demand for streaming original TV series in the Netherlands

We are therefore able to make the following observations concerning the top streaming television series for Q1 2019 in the Netherlands:

  • The most in-demand digital original series in the Netherlands in 2019 Q1 is Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy. It has 14.8 times more demand than the average title, making it one if the 2.7% of titles that are classed as ‘Outstanding’.
  • CBS All Access’s Star Trek: Discovery and Amazon Prime Video’s The Grand Tour are also ‘Outstanding’ titles in this market.
  • The Dutch audience preference for sci-fi drama is evident in the high demand expressed for Netflix’s Travelers.

Download the free TV streaming platform report for the Netherlands

Download this report now and discover the latest SVOD market demand trends for the Netherlands. Our comprehensive global TV demand report includes the following insights:

Netherlands Domestic TV Insights:

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  • This report also includes data for the following additional territories: Belgium, China, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Russia, South Africa, United Kingdom and the United States.

Note: This version of The Global TV Demand Report does not include any market share information for as yet unreleased SVOD platforms such as Apple TV+ (Apple TV Plus), HBO Max by WarnerMedia / AT&T, NBCU / Comcast’s Peacock, Quibi and Disney+.

Parrot Analytics publishes this report each quarter, be sure to bookmark to gain access to the latest available market share report across all SVOD platforms.

After reading this article you may have a few questions, such as “How can TV series and SVOD platforms generate demand in markets where they are not yet available?” Please make sure to read our methodology for demand attribution and also our knowledge base article on how Parrot Analytics defines a “digital original” series.

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