Title Movement Trend Report - Brazil 2019 Q4

23 March, 2020

Parrot Analytics title movement reports reveal which series have had a serious impact on a market’s audience during the quarter.

The key questions investigated in this report include:

1. Which new series (Season 1) had the strongest debut among Brazilian audiences?

2. Which debut or pre-existing series gained the most audience attention in Brazil from October to November?

3. Which debut or pre-existing series gained the most audience attention in Brazil from November to December?

Which new titles had the strongest debut?

In Brazil, the effects of two new streaming services can be seen on the most demanded new series this quarter. Although Disney+ did not officially launch in Brazil, audiences still strongly demanded The Mandalorian. This perhaps overshadowed the successful official launch of Apple TV+ originals in the country. However, the strongest debut of the quarter goes to Netflix’s The Witcher, which had audience demand 48.1 times higher than the Brazilian series average.


While The Mandalorian launched strongly in all markets, Brazil is one of the few markets worldwide where Disney+ had a second strong debut. Teen musical drama High School Musical: The Musical: The Series was the 15th best debuting series this quarter with 7.7 times average demand.

An unusual appearance is L Word: Generation Q, from Showtime in the United States. The drama’s global premiere was on December 8th. The unusual part is that series is not one of the 15 strongest debuts in the USA, the drama’s home market. Brazilian audiences were also interested in the British version of Drag Race. RuPaul’s Drag Race UK had 10.6 times the demand of the average title. However, Drag Race UK also debuted strongly in the United Kingdom.

Teen romantic drama Looking For Alaska had an especially strong premiere in Brazil. The series premiered globally on Hulu in the USA on October 18th but was not officially available in Brazil during the quarter. Brazilian interest was likely high because one of Looking For Alaska’s stars is Brazilian actor Henry Zaga.

Which existing or new titles gained the most audience attention from October to November?

The Mandalorian had its global premiere on November 12th when Disney+ launched in the USA and other markets. Although not officially available in Brazil, it still enjoyed the single strongest month on month growth of any title between October and November: demand for the show grew by 21.1 times Brazil’s average demand for a title.


The launch of Apple TV+ in Brazil on November 1st had a big impact on the 15 fastest rising shows between October and November. Four Apple TV+ original series - See, The Morning Show, For All Mankind and Dickinson – are in the 15 fastest growing series. See grew the most, adding 11.2 times the Brazilian average series demand.

Netflix’s Atypical was the second fastest rising show in this period, gaining 14.2x the average series demand in Brazil. Season 3 of the sitcom was released on November 1st, meaning that it is the fastest rising returning (Season 2+) series.

The fastest rising animated series in this period is the anime My Hero Academia. Season 4 of the anime began broadcasting in Japan in mid-October, while Season 2 received an official Portuguese release beginning in September. The fact demand is growing in the October to November period indicates Brazilian audiences are more interested in the new Season 4 than for the newly translated Season 2. This is likely due to unofficial fan translations making Season 4 available without an official release. My Hero Academia is more popular in Brazil than it is worldwide; it does not appear in the global 15 fastest rising series for these months.

Which existing or new titles gained the most audience attention from November to December?

Impressively, The Mandalorian maintained almost exactly the same rate of demand growth in Brazil going from November into December as it did from October to November. However, the fastest growing series is now The Witcher, which was available to Brazilian audiences on Netflix from December 20th.


The November to December period brought more Apple TV+ shows to Brazil’s fastest rising series. Servant was released on November 28th and gained 8.6 times the demand for the average title in this market.

Brazilian short film series Porta Dos Fundos was the fifth fastest rising title in this period. The demand rise was mostly driven by a controversial Christmas special on Netflix.

Two Brazilian telenovelas rose in demand from November to December. Rede Globo’s Bom Sucesso grew in demand by 5.5 times the Brazilian average. A nearly identical rise occurred for a second Rede Globo series, 2001’s O Clone. Demand for the older title seems to be driven by a re-airing on Canal Viva.

This report is intended as a high-level overview of the most impactful series in this market. For deeper investigations, your monitor subscription gives you access to title-level demand data for tens of thousands of titles across 90+ markets.

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