Title Movement Report - Russia 2020 Q1

7 April, 2020

Parrot Analytics title movement reports reveal which series have had a serious impact on a market’s audience during the quarter.

The key questions investigated in this report include:

1. Which new series (Season 1) had the strongest debut among Russian audiences?

2. Which debut or pre-existing series gained the most audience attention in Russia from January to February?

3. Which debut or pre-existing series gained the most audience attention in Russia from February to March?

Which new titles had the strongest debut?

The strongest new debut series in Russia clearly outperformed all other new series in 2020 Q1. Over Locke & Key ‘s 30-day debut period from its February 7th release on Netflix, it was 17 times more demanded than the average title in Russia.


The second strongest new debut in Russia was Star Trek: Picard, originating from US platform CBS All Access. The newest entry in the Star Trek sci-fi franchise is available on Amazon Prime Video in this market and debuted with 13.8 times average demand.

Demand for new series in Russia was dominated by horror fantasy series in the first three months of 2020. As well as the strongest new series Locke & Key, the third best debut also falls into this category. British series Dracula from the BBC was released on Netflix Russia on January 4th and was 13 times more demanded than average.

Avenue 5, a comedy sci-fi series from HBO starring Hugh Laurie, debuted well with Russian audiences. The show had the fifth highest demand in this market of all new series this quarter, which is in line with the global performance. Avenue 5 began airing in the US on January 19th and in Russia is available on SVOD services Okko and Amediateka.

Which existing or new titles gained the most audience attention from January to February?

As well as being the series with the most demand for its premiere, Locke & Key is also the series that gained the most demand in the first part of the quarter. From January to February, demand for the show in Russia grew by just over 14x the Russian average demand for a title.


The fastest growing returning (Season 2+) series between January and February was Netflix’s Bojack Horseman. Demand for the animated comedy grew by 5.9 times the Russian average after the final season was released on January 31st.

In line with the Russian taste for series with horror elements, The Outsider, an adaptation of a Steven King story from HBO, was the third fastest growing title from January to February. Many series on this list have a February premiere as that naturally leads to increase from demand levels in January. However, The Outsider’s global premiere was on January 12th in the US, indicating Russian audiences discovered the show later than audiences in that market.

Apple TV+ series Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet was one of the fastest growing series in Russia in this period, gaining 5.1x the average series demand. The comedy series set in a game development office was released on February 7th.

The fastest growing titles in Russia between January and February has some significant differences from the titles that grew fastest globally. Russian audiences were cooler on some well-known series like Curb Your Enthusiasm and Altered Carbon but were enthused by more niche titles like Netflix ice skating drama Spinning Out and Italian Netflix mystery drama Luna Nera. Although the latter 2 titles placed highly in Russia this quarter, globally neither were in the top 15.

Which existing or new titles gained the most audience attention from February to March?

The fastest growing title from February to March added 10.2 times the average title to its demand in Russia. This series is Amazon Prime Video’s Hunters, a drama about Nazi hunters starring Al Pacino. Hunters growth was around 20% stronger than the growth of the next fastest growing series, Hulu’s Devs.


The second fastest growing series on the chart, Hulu’s Devs, was not officially available in Russia during this period. Nevertheless Russian audiences were interested in the mystery drama and it grew by 7.2 times average demand.

Italian crime drama Zerozerozero from Sky Italia was the third fastest growing series in Russia from February to March 2020. The show premiered on February 14th and in this market is available on SVODs Okko and Amediateka.

The fastest growing returning (Season 2+) series is The Walking Dead, the blockbuster zombie drama from AMC. The global premiere of Season 10 Part 2 was on February 23rd.

Finally, Disney+ had a fast-growing series with Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Although Disney+ was not officially available in Russia during this time frame, demand for the series grew strongly after the global premiere of Season 7 on February 21st.

This report is intended as a high-level overview of the most impactful series in this market. For deeper investigations, your monitor subscription gives you access to title-level demand data for tens of thousands of titles across 90+ markets.

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