Top 10 Digital Original Series in Singapore and South Korea

This week we compare the top ten digital original series across two Asian markets: Singapore and South Korea. We use Demand Rating™ in order to be able to compare the demand for each show between the two markets.


The top six shows in both markets are the same, with Netflix’s most recent series Daredevil and House of Cards coming in first and second by demand, followed by Jessica Jones, Hulu’s 11.22.63, Orange is the New Black and Narcos. In Singapore, Daredevil’s 80.90 Demand Rating™ and House of Cards’ 76.02 Demand Rating™ both exceed the top demand in South Korea, which starts as 72.94 for Daredevil. However, demand for the next two shows, Jessica Jones and 11.22.63, is higher in South Korea than in Singapore.

Yahoo’s cancelled series Community is seventh in South Korea and eighth in Singapore. The last three shows are different in each country, with Singapore rounding out the top ten with three Netflix comedies while South Korea prefers three dramas, two from Netflix and one from Amazon.

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