Top 10 Gritty TV series trending the United States

8 March, 2017

Here are some quick commentary about the top ten gritty TV shows in the United States that are trending in the month of February.

Between January and February, overall demand for Breaking Bad is higher than Chicago Fire. We observes the American crime drama (with Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul) that concluded in September 2013, still had 28% more demand in the US in the month of February 2017 versus Chicago Fire, which is currently airing on NBC.

Breaking Bad’s demand dominates other gritty-theme shows in the United States, per the top 10 chart. The show has seen an 8% decrease in demand in the month of February to date compared to January in the US. Despite this, the crime drama surpassed Skins’ demand by a factor of 2.4 in February to date.

Trend Data: Breaking Bad’s demand exceeds other gritty-theme show in the U.S., according to Parrot Analytics 

In February to date, the average demand for Cops, a ride-along reality program that forever changed the TV landscape, has spiked by 58% in the third week of February (13th to 19th) compared to the week before (February 6th to 12th) in the United States.

The show, currently on its 29th season and airing via Spike, follows law enforcement officers during their duties, has generated numerous spinoffs and imitations all over the globe. We don’t see this show’s demand slowing down as stories about cops and robbers are timeless!

The top then gritty TV shows list mostly includes shows that are currently off-air. However, three procedural drama series in the “Chicago” franchise centered on firefighters (Chicago Fire), the police system (Chicago P.D.), and medical drama (Chicago Med) dominated the gritty series charts. Additionally, the fourth series in the “Chicago” franchise family is a legal series called Chicago Justice, which aired on March 2017. Dick Wolf, the creator of the long-running Law & Order franchise, produced the series.

Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. are relatively stable in demand across the calendar year of 2017 (February and January) in the United States. However, Chicago Med is underperforming consistently compared to its spin-off series: The medical drama may have not differential itself from other long-running medical-theme shows such as CBS’s Code Black or ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy.

Chicago P.D. in turn has seen a 25% decrease in demand in February to date compared to January in the US. In the same month, Chicago Med dropped 10% in terms of demand. The demand will increase significantly, we expect, in early March as three “Chicago” series will crossover. (click on the graph belowto see the full version)

The “Chicago” franchise’s demand in 2017, across all platforms, in the United States.

The January 12th, 2017 spike in demand for Prison Break was likely due to a trailer, as anticipation has been building up for the upcoming season. According to Deadline, the trailer for the series surpassed 42 million organic views within the first 24 hours of its initial release. The original Prison Break was wrapped up in 2009.

Person of Interest wrapped its five-season run in 2016, but surprisingly surpassed Skins in demand by nearly a factor of two in the month of February 2017 in the US.

In the U.S., Person of Interest has nearly twice as much demand as Skins in February to date.

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