Top Moms on TV

12 May, 2016

In celebration of Mother’s Day last Sunday, we take a look at the top shows portraying moms. Much like moms in reality, mothers on TV can be portrayed as nurturing, overbearing, or free-spirited, or all three at once. With a range of types of moms to choose from, which rise to the top in Australia?

The average Demand Expressions from the week of May 2nd to 9th for twenty shows featuring moms are found and the titles ranked.

The top show in Australia is the fairy-tale inspired Once Upon a Time, which has a large cast but focuses on a mother and her son. The Good Wife, which concluded last week and only has about two-thirds of the demand of Once Upon a Time, features a more career-oriented mom trying to support her family.

Several characters in the next three shows—Orphan Black, Jane the Virgin, and Modern Family—are moms, though all have their own unique situations and parenting styles.

The other five shows have, on average, less than half of the demand of the top five shows. Bates Motel and Mom feature mothers with fairly serious issues while Fuller House, The Mindy Project, and The Middle are more traditional sitcoms.

Whether the moms are good, bad, or complicated, there is clearly demand for shows featuring strong motherly figures in Australia.


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