TV series demand across all television platforms for the U.K. in September

11 October, 2021

In September, there were some shifts among the most in-demand shows in the U.K compared to the prior month. The Walking Dead now holds the top spot previously held by Love Island U.K in August. The eleventh and final season of the horror AMC show started airing on August 22nd, causing a surge in demand for the series.


It registered 33.5x the demand average in September, a 0.4x increase from the prior month. Furthermore, the series had a peak of 38.6x this month. So far, only six episodes out of twenty-four have been released, so we can expect the demand for the show to remain high for the next couple of months.

Classic BBC series Doctor Who recorded 30.5x the demand average in September, a small decrease from the 33x rate in August. Despite this, the series climbed up the rank to become the second most popular show of the month. 

Apple TV+’s Ted Lasso is another show that had an increase in demand this month. It went from 24.2x the demand average in August to 27.4x in September. The demand peak for the series was 35.6x the average on September 20th. This was the day after the Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony when the comedy series received four awards.

The demand for Brooklyn Nine-Nine surged as the final season of the show began on August 12th. The NBC original jumped from 22.9x the demand average in August to 27.2x in September. The show recorded a peak demand of 35.6x the average on September 17th, the day after the finale aired.

Meanwhile, the demand for WWE Monday Night Raw remained stable. In September, it recorded 25.5x, a small decrease from 28.2x the average it had in August. Similarly, SpongeBob SquarePants recorded 24.6x the average in September, a small downgrade from 26.4x the average in August.

With the ending of the fifth season on September 25th, the demand from YTV’s My Hero Academia suffered a decrease. The show went from 27.5x the average in August to 23.1x the average in September. Notably, demand for the show peaked at 26.8x the day after the airing of the season finale.

Netflix’s Stranger Things recorded 23.1x the average demand in September, a small step down from 26.1x the average in August. The show almost didn’t make it to the top ten most popular shows this month, but demand for it saw a jump on September 26th after Netflix released a teaser for the new season. The fourth instalment of the show will air sometime in 2022.

FX’s American Horror Story increased in demand after the start of the show’s tenth season on August 25th. The demand went from 22.4x the average in August to 23.2x the average in September. The season is divided into two parts, with the second part scheduled to start airing on September 29th.

Rounding out the top ten most in-demand shows for September we have HBO’s Game Of Thrones. Demand for the series decreased from 25.2x the average in August to 22.7x the average in September. Furthermore, the peak demand for the show in the past month was 24.7x the average. Despite being finished in 2019, the show demonstrates extremely consistent popularity.


Stranger Things’ last-minute jump in demand made it the second most popular digital original of the month, after Ted Lasso. Just as in August, Disney+ The Mandalorian and Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale came in right behind them, at 22.2x and 20x the demand average, respectively.

Netflix’s Money Heist saw a huge surge in demand due to the release of the show’s fifth and final season on September 3rd. The series jumped from 8.5x in August to 19.9x the average in September and hit a peak in demand of 32.2x the average. The buzz over the show’s ending after five seasons likely increased interest in the show. In tandem, Disney+’s Loki saw a drop in demand, going from 26.7x to 19.5x the demand average in September.

Netflix’s Lucifer and Titans both had an increase in demand compared to September. The demand grew from 14.3x and 15.9x the average in August, to 18.8x and 18.2x the average, respectively. Meanwhile, Disney+’s Wandavision decreased slightly in demand, from 18.6x to 17.9x the demand average.

Finally, Netflix’s Sex Education saw the biggest leap in demand among digital originals with the release of its third season on September 17th. Demand for the series grew from 5.8x in August to 17.7x the average in September and had a demand peak of 31.1x the average. The positive reaction from fans to the LGBTQ+ representation on the show and media coverage of the new season certainly impacted the demand.

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