TV series demand across all television platforms for the U.S. (25 - 31 December, 2021)

5 January, 2022

Image: The Witcher, Netflix

top10- 2022-01-05-overall.png

This last week of 2021, December 25 - 31, Spongebob Squarepants was unseated from its position at the top of the most in-demand shows and was replaced by The WitcherAfter a 100% increase in demand last week, the Netflix series saw another 3% increase this week, making it 75.3 times more in demand than the average series in the US.

Following Spongebob, South Park came in third, despite a 16% decline in demand. The series enjoyed a dramatic increase in demand in December after the release of the special episodes, but since there is no clear date as to when there will be new content for the series, it is clear that audience attention is shifting to other shows.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia made an entry into the top 10 lists this week with 42.6 times the average series demand. The series saw a 12% increase in demand after wrapping up its fifteenth season, which concluded on December 22. The latest season was well received, and the show has also been renewed up to season 18, which is great news for fans.

top10- 2022-01-05-DO.png

The Witcher topped the digital originals top 10 ranking this week, followed by Cobra Kai, which had 44.5 times the average series demand in the US. After releasing it’s fourth season on December 31, the series saw a 30% increase in demand. Given the timing of the release, it’s likely that there will be a further increase in demand for Cobra Kai next week as fans catch up with the new season in the new year.

The Mandalorian also saw a 6% increase in demand this week, which can be directly related to the release of The Book of Boba Fett, which aired its first episode on December 29. Both shows are interlinked in the Star Wars saga, with some outlets even terming The Book of Boba Fett as The Mandalorian season 2.5”. In any case, we look forward to seeing how the demand for the new series compares to The Mandalorian’s performance in the coming weeks.

Ted Lasso saw an almost 6% increase in demand this week as well, after it was announced that the show was among the top contenders for the 2022 WGA Awards. The series came in ninth on this week’s list, with 32.1 times the average series demand. Rounding up the list is Netflix’s Arcane, which saw an 8% decrease in demand, but still had 30.4 times more demand than the average series in the US for the week.

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