TV series demand across all television platforms for the U.S. (27 December, 2020 - 2 January, 2021)

7 January, 2021

Image: Cobra Kai, Netflix

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In the final week of 2020 and first few days of the new year, The Mandalorian remained the most in-demand show in the US. While its standing with 120.4 times the demand of the average show is impressive, this is down over 20% from its high point last week. The show was likely a family favorite over Christmas and still flying high from its season finale released on December 18th.

Cobra Kai saw the largest change this week. At 65.4 times the demand of the average show, its demand increased by 53% from last week. The third season (and first to premiere on Netflix) was released on New Year’s Day. So far, its demand this season has well exceeded the previous two, boosted by the reach and marketing power of Netflix.

Attack on Titan is the third most in-demand series for the week. It has 90.5 times the demand of the average show and is currently in the process of airing episodes of its final season. The finale episode is scheduled for release on February 1, so there is still time for this show to reach new heights.

Saturday Night Live is also coming down from a high. Last week it was the second most in-demand series in the US. It aired its final episode of the year on December 19th. This was hosted by Kristen Wiig with musical guest Dua Lipa.

Digital Original - Demand VS Market Average.jpg

Among digital originals, it looks as if Cobra Kai may be poised to take the top spot from The Mandalorian. The Disney+ series has held onto the top spot for a while and Cobra Kai may be the show that finally puts Netflix back at the top of the chart.

It may be a surprise that both The Crown and Titans moved up in rank this week. The latest season of The Crown was released over a month ago and Titans has just concluded filming its season 3 so the release date is still TBD. The reason these series moved up the ranking has more to do with demand for The Witcher and Animaniacs falling more. Netflix has been busy getting fans excited for The Witcher in recent weeks. The most recent teaser was the first page of the script for season 2. However, as the streamer focuses its marketing powers on Cobra Kai at the moment, demand for The Witcher has fallen off.

Both The Expanse and Star Trek: Discovery are in the middle of releasing episodes of their latest seasons weekly. This week, they have held onto the 9th and 10th spots. As they near their respective season finales a boost in demand may lift them higher in the rankings.

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