United States TV SVOD Demand Measurement

10 December, 2018

Parrot Analytics has recently taken an in-depth look at SVOD TV in the United States.

Download this report now and discover the latest SVOD demand measurement trends for the United States. Our comprehensive global TV demand report includes the following insights:

  • The top 20 digital streaming shows in the United States, as well as 5 additional titles of interest to audiences in the USA.
  • How local demand in the United States for these titles has changed over the course of the third quarter of 2018.
  • How consumer attitudes vary towards TV series streaming/downloading using peer-to-peer (P2P) networks in 4 markets globally, including a breakdown of age and gender.
  • TV industry update for Q3 detailing important events with a focus on OTT trends.
  • An overview of all the new streaming series that were released in the third quarter of 2018.
  • This report also includes data for the following additional territories: Argentina, Chile, Denmark, Finland, India, Israel, Singapore, Sweden and Turkey.
Top Streaming Television Shows in the United States

In the United States SVOD report, the top 20 digital original series and 5 series of interest have been ranked by their average Demand Expressions from July through September, 2018:

TV SVOD Demand Measurement

A time series plot illustrating interesting OTT demand trends in the United States over the last three months is also included:

Demand Measurement for SVOD TV

Our observations:

  • Q3’s top digital original series in the USA is Orange Is The New Black, which attracted huge demand in both the lead up to and after the release of season.
  • Amazon’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel made history this quarter as the first digital original comedy winner at the Emmys; both the nomination and wins are reflected in demand increases after each announcement.
  • Netflix’s new animated comedy Disenchanted, from the creator of The Simpsons, debuted in Q3 and rose to become the 23rd most in-demand digital original in the US.
  • Apple’s Carpool Karaoke grew in demand in the US this quarter in anticipation of the release of S2.
  • While Queer Eye has decreased in demand since its release, it still ranks highly in the US as the 6th most in-demand digital original, the highest placement of all markets in this report.
The prevalence of using downloads/streaming for TV content in the United States

Our global TV demand report also includes a study of how audiences are consuming TV series, using downloading/streaming (P2P), and how this behavior varies by age and gender in the United States, including a breakdown of age and gender.

Streaming measurement for SVOD

Our observations:

  • In the United States, almost half of all respondents said they did not know what P2P or filesharing meant.
  • Of those that were aware of P2P, the majority stated that they had never used such a service to download TV content.
  • 10% of respondents answered that they have used P2P services to acquire TV content, with 4% saying that they were regular users.
  • US males are 5% more likely to use P2P services than females. Those aged under 35 were more likely to say they were regular users.


Please download the full 44 page report here, which also includes data and analysis for 9 other countries: United States TV SVOD Demand Measurement Q3 2018


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